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Jim is Director of Web Strategy at Our Kids Media and has served in a variety of editorial capacities for comfortlife.ca since the website's launch in early 2008. He lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, with his wife and two children.
Website: http://www.ourkidsmedia.com
Posts by Jim Huinink:
    Still Wanted: Accessible Technology for the Elderly and Disabled

    A recent survey by the PEW Internet and American Life Project shows that the health industry and its resident technology partners are still missing an opportunity to serve a valuable market, the elderly and the disabled. According to the report, “54% of adults living with a disability use the internet, compared with 81% of adults […]

    Has Mom or Dad Been Scammed?

    In the last part of our four part look at seniors and scammers we look at what to do if you find out if mom or dad has been scammed. “Something strange happened the other day” In some cases, your parents may be scammed and not realize it. In a double-bind worst-case they may be […]

    How to Protect Parents From Spammers, Scammers And Other Scoundrels

    In several previous posts we looked at scams that target seniors (including newer scams). Here’s a look at some simple techniques to arm yourself and your parents against scam artists online, on the phone or at the door: Tell mom and dad to just say “no” to anyone they do not know. If your parents […]

    More Scams That Target Seniors

    Previously, we looked at some popular and very contemporary scams that target seniors. Sadly, new scams are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Here we take a look at a selection of perhaps more well-known scams that target seniors. Other scams that target seniors include the following: Fundraising: Many elderly people give money […]

    What Seniors Need to Know About Scamming, Phishing and Fleecing

    A previous post alluded to an upcoming post about online scams but when we got down to writing this, the subject was a bit bigger than we originally anticipated. So this is the first of a four part look at is at seniors and scams. First we’ll take a look at some very contemporary scams […]

    Three ways to look out for your parents’ finances

    We’ve discussed tactics for talking to parents about their finances but we all know that it can be unwise to even approach this super-sensitive topic. There are ways, though, that adult children can watch out for parents while minding their own business. Here’s a review of some things to consider. Ask yourself how savvy your […]

    Talking About Your Parents’ Finances

    When families get together during the holidays, adult children’s concerns about their aging parents can deepen. And while our parents’ health is usually our biggest concern, their finances are often not far behind. Our parents’ finances are usually none of our business…except when they become so. Just ask a friend of mine whose mother has […]