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Aging Without Boundaries: 30 Years of Celebrating

Three Elderly Woman laughing on patio

The month of June celebrates Seniors Month in Ontario with the 2014 theme being “Aging Without Boundaries: 30 Years of Celebrating” Read More… .

Learning to Love Again After a Loss

Learning to love after loss

Author and Speaker Jane Blaufus shares her deeply personal insights and tips for learning to love again after the loss of a significant other or spouse. Read more…

10 Great Gifts for Seniors

10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Here are ten great ideas for seniors gifts. Read more…

5 Ways to Help Seniors Deal with the Loss of a Spouse

Helping Seniors Grieve

Do you know a senior who has recently lost a spouse? Help the senior in your life through their grief with these 5 tips. Read more…

VIDEO: Living in the Present

The People Person

VIDEO: Joan Main is a pragmatist, this certainly helped her make the move to Amica in Vancouver when she decided that the best way to adjust was to live in the now. Read more…

Caring For Family Across The World

Caring for Family Across the World

Elaine Morgan shares her experience of living far away from family and shares the stress and worry involved with trying to care for family across the world. Read more…

Happy Grandparents Day From the Team at Comfort Life!

Gramps & Me

The content team at Comfort Life would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Grandparents Day with a tribute to our own grandparents. Read more…

5 Tips for Grandparent Caregivers

5 Tips for Grandparent Caregivers

As a grandparent you probably love being able to help your family by providing care for your grandchildren. These tips for seniors are designed to help families who have grandparents who provide care when needed. Read more…

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

There are lots of benefits for seniors who take special interest courses including good mental and physical health, community involvement, having fun and learning new things. Read more…

First Day of School: Then and Now

First Day of School: Then and Now

Seniors in Canada have their own memories of the first day of school. There are many differences between school today and fifty years ago, however the excitement and anticipation that a new school year brings remains the same for Canadians of all generations. As Canadian families get ready to begin a new year of school it is worth while to remember that some of life’s most important lessons will be taught to us outside the classroom by our elders. Read more…