Seven Best Places to Retire in Canada

A retirement in Canada provides you with many living choices. From picturesque waterfronts to lively cities, “the True North” is one of the best countries in which to retire. Here are some of its top retirement cities and towns.

1. Kingston, Ontario:

In 2012, called Kingston the most romantic city in Canada. Its beautiful lakefront, excellent restaurants, and historic architecture infuse Kingston with an indelible quaintness. Kingston is also one of the safest cities in the country. According to Money Sense, it had the fourth lowest Canadian crime rate in 2011.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia:

Vancouver is a perfect city for active adult retirement living. If you enjoy the energetic environment of a big city or being surrounded by magnificent nature, then Vancouver is the place for you. “Hollywood North” has some of Canada’s most well recognize entertainment, restaurants, arts, and culture. Numerous residents of Vancouver’s retirement homes also claim that living next to the Pacific Ocean is quite soothing. Here are some of Vancouver’s retirement homes.

3.  Victoriaville, Quebec

Victoriaville is a scenic city that is located on the Nicolet River. Its website indicates that, “this enchanting arrangement offers the kind of space that nature lovers go crazy for.” Hiking, golfing, and river canoeing are some of the many activities that you could enjoy in Victoriaville. It is also one of the most  relaxing cities in Canada and a great place for affordable retirement living.

4.  Halifax, Nova Scotia

Retirees in Halifax often appreciate its Maritime climate. In other words, it is neither frigid in the winter nor excruciatingly hot in the summer. In Halifax, you could spend your retirement taking pleasure in the city’s breathtaking beaches, incredible wineries and abundant parks.

5.  Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is ideal for healthy and self-sufficient seniors. If you enjoy a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, then you should consider a retirement home in Toronto. Ontario’s capital is popular for its magnificent downtown core, great entertainment, five professional sports teams and some of the top restaurants in Canada.

6.  Bragg Creek, Alberta

Bragg Creek is a small town that is 30 kilometers west of Calgary. It is known for its charming shops, parks, and restaurants. Bragg Creek’s retirees especially appreciate the calming effect of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. If you are artistic, you will love all of the scenery that you could capture in your work.

7.  White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock is a scenic seaside community which contains eight kilometers of sandy beaches and the glorious waters of Semiahmoo Bay. You will have plenty of opportunities to walk along its 1500 ft. long pier, as White Rock receives the lowest rainfall in the Greater Vancouver Area. And, its average summer temperature is a very comfortable 23 degrees Celsius. Like Bragg Creek, White Rock is a great option for artistic seniors.

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