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Living Life to the Fullest: How an Avid Cyclist Spends His Time

Cyclist Jack Hyatt’s inspiring daily routines prove that it’s never too late to accomplish your own fitness goals and live life to the fullest! Read more…

5 Ways to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease

Avoid Alzheimer's

There are ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease before any signs of it begin to manifest. Here are some of them… Read more…

VIDEO: The Importance of Active Living

Studies show that sedentary lives lead to obesity, diabetes and numerous other health problems as we age. On their own, these are all great reasons to keep active.

Ten retirement home activities to keep you active & healthy

10 ways to keep seniors active and healthy

Here are ten common retirement home activities.
‘Read more’: Read more…

Caregiver Support: Health and Wellness Tips

Supporting Caregiver

Finding yourself stressed out and overwhelmed? Consider some of these tips to avoid caregiver burnout. Read more…

Six ways to improve your life this summer

If your life needs a lift, summer’s a great time to make it happen. You can influence your own happiness much more than you think.

10 Easy Ways for Seniors to Lose Weight

senior woman situps

Sometimes losing a few pounds is a necessary step to improving your health. Here are ten easy ways to lose weight and improve wellbeing.

Seniors Fight Depression Naturally With Exercise and Sleep

Seniors can help themselves to alleviate depression with regular exercise. It improves mood, strength and balance and sleep.

Need motivation to exercise? Try prediction events!

With warmer spring weather comes our desire to be outdoors and active but it can be hard to stay motivated. Prediction activities can help!

Giving to your community is good for your brain

VIDEO: Volunteering your time not only gives you a social life, it develops new pathways in your brain, improving memory and helping you live longer.