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The Future of the Retirement Residence Industry

Where is the retirement residence industry going? What is its future—and ours? The question is on everyone’s mind given the growing aging-in-place movement, boomers who may choose other alternatives and seniors whose budgets require more modestly priced options.

To discover how we can attract the residents of the future, we asked Elaine Wood (Delmanor Seniors Communities), Colin LeBrun (National Pharmacy) and Donna Holwell (Lord Dufferin Centre) for their expert advice.

See what they had to say:




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The theme of the 2012 issue of Dialogue Plus is “Re-imagining the retirement residence industry” .

If this video has inspired you to think about how the industry can adapt and grow over the next several years, get in touch! Although the deadline for next year’s issue has officially passed, we are still evaluating story proposals so please send yours to:

Read more about the theme of Dialogue Plus 2012 magazine here.


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