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Laval Seniors Homes

Balancing Recreation And Skilled Care

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Today, seniors homes are comparatively superior to the unappealing old age homes of the past. The avenues for entertainment, leisure and recreation at these care homes ensure that seniors enjoy a full life.

Kinds of care for Laval seniors

Seniors homes take the work and worry out of day-to-day living. A senior at a retirement home does not have to worry about house maintenance and daily tasks. The community setup along with indoor games, outdoor activities and social events help the elderly live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Independent living retirement communities are a type of senior home ideal for recent retirees interested in having some basic daily tasks taken off their plate. Assisted living seniors homes work for the elderly who need a little assistance with daily tasks that might include bathing and washroom breaks. Nursing homes, more commonly called long-term care homes are mostly for seniors who have significant health care issues and require extended care.

Retirement in Laval

Laval is the largest suburb of Montreal and the third largest municipality in the province of Quebec. Today, the population of the suburb is estimated at 398,667. In Laval, those of retirement age (65 years of age and older) constitute 13.2% of the population. The city is mainly renowned for its scientific attractions with the Cosmodome Space Science Centre as well as its cultural activities.

Laval has attracted many new residents in the past decade. The arrival of the Metro, an eco- friendly public transportation system, the development of a new urban educational centre the Cite de la Savoir as well as new proposed cultural, sport and leisure facilities and activities have added to the quality of life of seniors in this region.

Laval’s senior population is well represented and there are several private residences and long-term care facilities to facilitate the residents’ golden years. Making the decision to leave your home for a retirement home can be difficult for most seniors. Laval’s seniors homes provide the best in terms of care, facilities, security and social interaction, giving the elderly an opportunity to enjoy their post-retirement years in bliss and good health. Learn more about the quality of senior care from the Laval retirement homes listed below.

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Residence Symphonie, West Island

15 Place de La Triade, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 0A3
Symphony Senior Living West Island is a lavish, luxurious Montreal, QC, retirement home offering elegant dining and more, in a resort-like environment ideal for discerning seniors.

Residence Symphonie, Île des Sœurs

325 Chemin de la Pointe-Sud, Île des Soeurs, Quebec, H3E 0B1
This luxury retirement home in one of Montreal's most prestigious communities offers exceptional senior care along with resort-like, first class amenities.
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