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Montreal Retirement Homes & Communities for Seniors

Find the best Montreal retirement homes and long term home care services. Montreal retirement communities offer services and amenities for seniors in Quebec.

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Independent and healthy seniors can hope for a life of ease, care and contentment in one of Montreal’s excellent retirement homes. The trained staff, skilled care and customized facilities ensure that the elderly enjoy their life post retirement in an atmosphere of warmth and goodwill.

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Residence Symphonie, Île des Sœurs

325 Chemin de la Pointe-Sud, Île des Soeurs, Quebec, H3E 0B1
This luxury retirement home in one of Montreal's most prestigious communities offers exceptional senior care along with resort-like, first class amenities.

Residence Symphonie, West Island

15 Place de La Triade, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 0A3
Symphony Senior Living West Island is a lavish, luxurious Montreal, QC, retirement home offering elegant dining and more, in a resort-like environment ideal for discerning seniors.

The right retirement care in Montreal, QC

Assisted living facilities provide assistance to seniors with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and such elderly homes are for the comparatively healthy individual who needs a little help with daily activities. Seniors affected with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's Disease or other disorders can also find proper care options in Montreal. Montreal's finest retirement homes offer single rooms or duplex apartments with a range of facilities and leisure activities. Common rooms, party rooms, spas, fitness centers and computer labs are some of the facilities available in Montreal’s retirement residences. 24-hour security, housekeeping, meals and laundry are available at all retirement homes. Social activities, outings and indoor games help seniors enjoy their time at these elder care homes, with some of the best amenities in the world.

Life and retirement in Montreal

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada. The city takes its name from Mont-Royal, the triple-peaked hill located in the heart of the city. The Montreal metropolitan area consists of nearly 100 municipalities, including Montréal, Laval, Verdun, Pointe-Claire, Westmount, Longueuil and numerous other suburbs. Most municipalities with the highest proportion of children under 15 years and the lowest proportions of people aged 65 and over are off the island of Montréal. The senior population in Montreal, sizeable as it is, requires the best health care and medical services.

In Montreal and across Canada, the senior population is increasing exponentially. From approximately 3.5 million in 1996, the senior population will grow to an approximate 6.9 million by 2021. Studies show that 420, 000 Canadians over 65 have Alzheimer Disease or other dementia.

The life expectancy of seniors is increasing and finding the right care providers and services is crucial for the welfare of seniors who have contributed immensely to life in Montreal.

Montreal offers various types of long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living homes and retirement communities. Long-term care homes or nursing homes are for seniors who need regular nursing care and supervision. These nursing homes also provide physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy.

Types Of Retirement In Montreal

Independent Living Montreal

Independent living is a general term for seniors that choose not to move into retirement homes but accept various forms of outside help. This help can range from assistance with grocery shopping and food preparation, personal hygiene, and home maintenance tasks, to social programs that help Montreal seniors stay involved in the community and gain a sense of fulfilment.  There are home care agencies that arrange for professional support workers to provide whatever care Montreal seniors require. These same home care agencies also run workshops and programs for seniors that can be considered an aspect of independent living Montreal.


Adult Day Programs Montreal

On the topic of workshops or social events, many Montreal seniors are enrolled in adult day programs. These adult programs are considered an additional component of independent living Montreal and have been compared to summer camp for seniors. These adult day programs are designed to provide entertaining and stimulating activities for Montreal seniors and can range from aerobics classes to computer lessons. Montreal seniors seem to enjoy the educational and social components equally. Initiatives like adult day programs that keep Montreal seniors active and mentally engaged can have a significant impact on their overall health.     


Long Term Care Montreal

Retirement Homes Montreal

Whenever a senior moves into a Montreal retirement home it is considered long term care. There is a wide continuum of care options under the long term care Montreal umbrella. The first is a retirement community. These facilities are primarily concerned with helping seniors enjoy their retirement by providing a plethora of entertainment options. They also have nursing staff, though people needing more advanced medical care are best suited for a Montreal retirement home. Some retirement communities will give residents the option of preparing their own food, though most will have restaurant quality chefs on staff to prepare meals and snacks for guests. This is in addition to amenities comparable to a four star hotel. Though each Montreal retirement community is different most have a variety of lounges, cafes, exercise facilities, and game rooms. They are also known for organizing trips to movies, plays, and attractions throughout the city.  

Retirement homes Montreal are for seniors requiring consistent medical care or living with a chronic condition that restricts their mobility may fair better at a Montreal retirement home. Montreal retirement homes have a more overt medical focus than retirement communities though they are still very much concerned with their guest’s entertainment. If a doctor is not on site full time, one is definitely available for emergencies and likely makes several visits per week. Nursing staff have probably undergone specific training in elder and palliative care.  Montreal retirement homes are as luxurious as the city’s retirement communities though they replace the more physically demanding activities with therapeutic ones and typically have a more sophisticated nursing staff. Excursions off site, aerobic classes, and first class amenities are available in Montreal retirement homes just like retirement communities though they are catered to a generally older clientele.   

The final long term care Montreal option is Alzheimer’s or memory care. These facilities exist specifically to treat dementia symptoms. Alzheimer’s care homes are very similar to Montreal retirement homes only with protocols in place to manage symptoms unique to the disease. They are more than capable of treating any other conditions an Alzheimer’s patient might have, though the primary focus is memory care. Most Montreal Alzheimer’s care homes will either have a dementia expert on site or on call in case of emergency. A typical Alzheimer’s care home will lock doors at certain times and institute surveillance measures like check in policies to prevent patients from wandering.  They will also provide entertainment with a focus on memory games and stimulating patient’s minds. This integrates a form of therapy into patient’s leisure time, like the homes themselves everything is built around managing dementia symptoms.

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