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Retirement homes with pets

Retire with the benefits of unconditional love 

Holiday Retirement is one retirement home provider that understands the life-affirming power of pets. Each Holiday community welcomes pets at no additional charge. There are many other retirement homes that encourage pets as well. In fact, most homes do and pets can be some of the most popular residents in the community.

“When choosing a retirement community, I never looked at any other because my little Shi-Poo Jenny could live here with me,” said Elveda Elznic. “She loves the attention from the residents and staff, and enjoys playing with her poodle friend Tequi, who lives here too.” Mary Wheeler is Tequi’s owner. She enjoys the companionship and sense of routine that owning a pet provides. “Tequi is my constant companion,” Wheeler said. “He sleeps at the foot of my bed every night. Right now, he is sitting under the table wondering when I am going to take him for a walk.”

Pets aid the transition to a seniors home

A 2009 study by the Vanier Institute found that pet ownership can reduce your stress, "reduce loneliness of residents in long-term care communities, improve your health during difficult times, and help you lower your risk of heart disease or other medical conditions by forcing you to exercise.

Transitioning to a new home, like a retirement community, can be initially unsettling. While residents are sure to quickly make new friends, it can be reassuring to have old friends come along as well. Bill, one seniors home resident explains the importance of pets. “My dog Bobby and parrot Cass are the loves of my life. I adopted Bobby four years ago from a Boston Terrier rescue. He’s 11, and I love him dearly.”

One seniors home provider that focuses on the benefits of allowing seniors to keep pets is Holiday Retirement. Many of their homes are listed below.

Make an inquiry and learn how your pet will be well accommodated at any of the seniors homes listed below.

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