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Retirement Planning

Canadian financial planning

Its  important to think of retirement planning as much more than just financial planning.

Here are some tools and information from our community of experts in retirement planning:

In Canada, retirement planning is made somewhat easier by The Canada Pension Plan and old age security but of course, for many people this will not be enough to live the kind of life they really had planned in retirement.

There are several worthwhile retirement planning tools and tips from around the web:

True financial planning for retirement is a complex issue with many variables including (but not limited to): investments (i.e. stocks, bonds, funds); real estate; debt; taxes; cash flow (income and expense) analysis and prediction; insurance and defined benefits (e.g. OAS, Canada pension benefits, employer plan benefits, etc.) There are various dynamics that will always be difficult to account for, notably health care requirements and changes to markets such as real estate, investments and the cost of living.


For a happy retirement, you'll need more than just financial well being

Retirement planning usually entails the narrow concept of financial planning. While finances are important, it's also important to realize that a well-planned retirement ought to be require something more holistic than mere finances (as important and practical as that aspect of life is).

As you near retirement age it's important to consider how to do well psychologically and spiritually, and in relationships, perhaps especially in changing relationships you have with your children. While these areas are too complex to offer any real advice in a space like this, it's important that you realize that retirement and all that it brings – more free time, diminished responsibilities, time for reflection, and many other changes - carries with it implications you would do well to prepare for ahead of time. Money is important but it's not everything.

Planning for a retirement home

Finally, it's important to remember that many senior citizens will eventually require care to one degree or another. Avoid denial of this. Consider the retirement home you want and how you will be able to afford it.

Throughout the history of Comfort Life we have covered the topic of planning for retirement in a seniors' home. You need to be aware that while retirement homes might seem costly, living in a home significantly reduces many other costs such as daily transportation, home maintenance, restaurant meals and many other costs.

Some advice on planning for a retirement home:

Knowing when is the right time to consider a retirement home.
Reducing your material possessions.
Facts about retirement homes.

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