Ten retirement home activities to keep you active & healthy

10 ways to keep seniors active and healthy

Recreational activities are an important aspect of modern retirement homes. Medical researchers recommend that you keep both your brain and body busy to avoid such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. While your retirement community should be relaxing, it should also provide you with the opportunity to stay active and healthy.

At Revera’s retirement homes, seniors appreciate all of the activity staff, particularly the in-house manager. One resident explained, “She deserves a bouquet of roses - at least two dozen! She is our Activity Director. Very few people could match this tireless lady. She decorates our building to put us in the mood for every festive season. She is a master at organizing all fun things for seniors to keep us busy, happy and healthy. She sees us, too, as individuals. By the way, two dozen roses wouldn’t be enough to express our appreciation.”

Here are ten of the multitude of activities that senior residences may offer…

  1. Brain games: Problem solving games (i.e. Sudoku, cards, trivia, chess, and checkers) are quite common in today’s retirement homes, as plenty of experts note the importance of challenging your mind.

  2. Sports: Tennis, shuffleboard, and squash courts are amongst most prevalent.

  3. Movie Nights: Relax while watching a new or classic film with friends from your retirement residence.

  4. Fitness: The majority of senior homes have fitness and wellness centers. Some residences also supply personal training services.

  5. Gardening: Taking care of a garden could be very soothing and a great way to get outside.

  6. Bingo: Bingo is a very social game and a staple at a plethora of retirement communities.

  7. Performances: These could include fashion shows, concerts, plays, dances, and more!

  8. Swimming: This sport is an ideal form of exercise. It helps build muscle, reduce fat, burn energy, and may improve many health problems (i.e. arthritis, osteoporosis). Some retirement homes offer scheduled water aerobics classes.

  9. Just talking: Spending time with people who may share your interests can drastically improve the quality of your life.

  10. Golf: Retirement homes with golf are an increasingly popular option. These communities have nine to 18-hole golf courses, as well as indoor and outdoor practice facilities (i.e. putting greens, driving ranges). One resident of a golf home loves her weekly lessons. “I have gone from being a pretty lousy golfer to all of a sudden being good,” she said. "My golf coach really helped me improve my swing and my form. Playing the sport now is just a much happier experience than it used to be. It’s very typical of retirement home living. Once you move into one of these places, life just gets better.”

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Which activities would you like to find in your retirement home?


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