Blazing a trail for seniors' fashion!

One of the best ways to speak out and get noticed—even if you're in your 80s or 90s—is with your fashion choices. If you had style when you were younger, you still do; being older doesn't change anything.

No one knows that better than the women of Ari Seth Cohen’s upcoming documentary, “Advanced Style”.


These women, including the late, great Zelda Kaplan (left) are icons of style and they prove (did we need any proof?) that fashion sense knows no age barrier.

Here's a little of their wit and wisdom:
"I am dressed up for the theatre of my life every day"

"It's fun to dress up; it's an exercise in creativity and it makes you feel better"

"Style is in-born, like an artist is in-born"

"I don't want to go around like a dreary old lady!"


Exactly. We couldn't have said it better. Fashion and age are not mutually exclusive and thanks to these amazing women that message is being heard—and seen!

Check it out—and be sure to share this video with anyone who needs to be inspired! (And watch for the full documentary which is scheduled to come out this summer.)

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