The Only Way I'm Leaving Is In A Pine Box!

Jack and Irene have always lived in the same home in which they raised their children. Their modest home worked well enough for raising their family and even for the first few ‘empty nest’ years.

Ten years go by; they are still living in their two-storey home where the bedrooms and the only bathroom are on the second floor, up a long flight of stairs. Their small closets and a full basement are all stuffed to the rafters with things they’ve forgotten about long ago. After four decades in the house, the place was packed with both memories and a lot of ‘stuff’ to go with those memories.

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist

Then Irene passed away. Jack’s son tried to be patient, knowing his dad needed time to grieve his wife’s passing, but he became more concerned for his father’s isolation and failing health. He consulted with a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist about what to do. The conversation helped him prepare for the process of selling the family home.

He received information about market prices, options available to Jack, and how to prepare the home for sale. But more importantly, it helped him become sensitive to the process his dad would go through in transitioning from the family home to a more suitable place to live.

A chat with dad

Armed with all this information, Jack’s son arrived to have a chat. “I understand why you want to stay in this house, Dad. It’s full of memories and represents your past, but it isn’t safe the way it is. Because the bathroom is upstairs and so is your bedroom. I know you sleep on the couch a lot, so that you don’t have to climb all those stairs, but you still have to go to the bathroom.”

“I’ve called an integrated real estate and transition company and we have an appointment to talk about the value of your home and help you decide if it’s worthwhile to add a bedroom and bath­room onto your main floor. The small addition could be spread out onto the back yard.”

Renovate and remodel or move?

Together with the integrated real estate and transition representative, they discussed all the options. Jack saw that he could make the decision to stay in his home, but it would cost more money, and time getting city approval, creating building floor plans and doing all the necessary steps for the construction – more time than he wanted to spend. Finally, he said to his son, “I’ve decided. I don’t want to remodel. Let’s look at those retirement brochures”

If your home is no longer working for you and not matching your health and mobility situation, then have the courage and conviction to make your move now. Enjoy the rest of your years in safety and comfort, in an environment that better suits your needs.

So put your extra blankets into that pine box and move on your own terms!

When considering your present living accommodations and your future needs ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your home in a location near the amenities you need?

  • Will you manage to get around if you are no longer driving?

  • How fast can you get to a doctor?

  • What transportation is available if you want to go shopping, can you walk to the store?

  • Is your home in need of repairs that you can’t afford?

  • Is it hard for you to keep up with the house cleaning?

  • Do you need someone else to take care of the house maintenance?

  • Are you looking forward to more vacations?

  • Would you like to have meals prepared for you?

  • Would you like to surround yourself with people ad health care professionals who can help you when needed?

  • Are finances keeping you from enjoying the home you’ve loved for so many years?

  • Do you feel you have adequate security and access to health care where you live?

As you write your list, more thoughts will come to your mind.  Be sure to address your future health needs which may arise in the next five, ten and fifteen years.

* * * * *

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