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How Much Should You Save for Taxes?

Saving for Your Taxes

It’s tax season! How much money should you save for taxes? Read more…

Split Pension Income to Save Taxes

Income splitting

Splitting your pension with your spouse is a great way to save money come tax time. Read more…

Tax Tips for Canadians 65 and Older

Tax Tips for Canadians

Maximize your tax return with these tips for seniors. Read more…

Prepare Your Will With Taxes In Mind

Will and Testament

Pay less tax on your estate by preparing your will with these four financial tips in mind. Read more…

Tax Tips for Caregivers

New Year 2013

These tax tips for caregivers will help you maximize your 2012 return and start saving money in 2013. Read more…

Will Your Retirement Savings Run Out?

Retirement savings

It’s important to protect your nest egg so you don’t run out of money during your retirement. Find out how with these easy steps. Read more…

Sustainability & Green Trends in Seniors

Green seniors

Many seniors are experts at reducing, reusing and recycling. However, these green habits can become dangerous when it comes to trying to save on necessary health and safety equipment. Read more…

To Pay or Not To Pay – Managing the Bills

Are you managing the bills for your parent?

Approaching the topic of managing your parents bills for them is never easy. Nicole McKechnie shares her own experiences and tips. Read more…

Retirement Financing: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Ever thought more in depth about your relationship with money? Get the tips and tricks you need to know now to live more financially secure later on.

What should be in your financial plan?

You know you should have a financial plan, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Don’t worry; here’s how to get started.