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Moving Into a Retirement Home

Making the transition seamless

When moving from a well-known home to a strange new retirement home many housekeeping details need to be accounted for to ensure a smooth transfer, and emotional stresses must be watched to avoid any unnecessary strain on everyone involved, whether it be the person moving or their family members assisting in the process. 

Research the Retirement Home

Before the move-in day, one final visit to the home is essential. It is a great way to introduce your elder to the new space, which will alleviate much of the stress once they are moved in. They can also meet other residents, check out their lifestyle, and even forge early friendships. It’s also a great idea to meet key members of staff so that they can assist with the actual move-in day and have a better idea of who your elder is before they even officially arrive.

Also, familiarize yourself with the admissions process of the home your loved one will be entering. Go over what time staff will be expecting you, arrange for another tour of the facility, and see if you can have an administrator on hand to assist with the move. Find out what your own duties will be on move-in day, and ask if you can fill in any required forms beforehand to make your time more flexible on the day of.

Some retirement homes offer transition management services to new residents, in which there will be one or two persons on staff whose job it is to facilitate an easy entrance into the home. Research whether or not your home offers this service, and if so, what this entails, exactly. Contact them beforehand to get some more advice on what to do before the move, and learn what to prepare for.

Research the Room at the Retirement Home

During a preliminary trip to the home, examine the room your elder will be staying in. Take measurements of each room, and plan what pieces of furniture will go where. This will help immensely when packing for the move. Also, take stock of what appliances and services are provided. Will you need to pack a toaster? Is there a phone provided in the room? These questions will all help make for easier packing, and an easier move.

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