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Find The Specialized Alzheimer's Care Your Loved One Needs

Find The Specialized Alzheimer's Care Your Loved One Needs

Find the Alzheimer's care you need

Alzheimer’s disease is a challenge for patients, families and their caregivers. If you or someone you love is living with Alzheimer's then it's important to find professional help and support. There are a number of long term care facilities and nursing homes equipped to provide specialized care for Alzheimer's patients.....

Over the past decade, Alzheimer’s treatment and research has seen impressive improvements. Because technology and innovation has advanced, Alzheimer’s homes, including those that we list on our site, now have better resources to deal with this disease than they have ever had. With twenty-four hour, on-site staff, nurses and doctors at these long term care facilities have unique training and experience. Such communities are better able to help Alzheimer's patients and their families deal with the physical and emotional aspects of this illness, with the goal of ensuring that patients live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, while adequately controlling and treating the symptoms of their disease.

Finding Alzheimer's Care

Canada’s Alzheimer’s homes will provide your family member with twenty-four hour on-site certified nurses and security. You could rest assured knowing that your loved one is safe. Unlike his or her own home, an Alzheimer’s home will be well-equipped to handle the disease’s dangerous symptoms, like wandering. While each home offers different services (and case-dependent services), there exist some commonalities between most Alzheimer’s care facilities. Almost all such homes have supervision for safety, social interaction with other residents, games, and other types of mental activities. Most importantly perhaps, each suite typically contains an emergency communication system.

Private Care

Although you may use public or subsidized retirement homes, paying for specialized Alzheimer’s care would almost certainly be worthwhile. Canada’s healthcare system often faces budget shortages and cuts. On the other hand, private, long-term care facilities offer incredibly comprehensive care that, in many cases, are resplendent with numerous luxuries, like scheduled transportation, personal laundry, and in-suite meals. And, private homes will ensure that you know all about the treatments that your loved one is receiving. They will give you the power of knowledge.

Innovative Therapies

New Alzheimer’s therapies continue to emerge. Here are some current innovative treatment and therapy options that your home may attempt:

  • Music therapy — Listening to particular songs could be a really powerful tool to remember past experiences.
  • Light therapy — Just brightening your room’s lights during the day could ameliorate your mood and thought processes.
  • Socializing — Motti Zelikovitch, director-general at Israel’s Melabev care center, explains that living in a seniors home is ideal for Alzheimer’s patients, as it keeps them socially active. Though you may not remember people in your care home, just talking to others keeps your brain busy!
  • Caregivers — A really nice bond between an Alzheimer’s patient and his or her caregiver could also be extremely helpful. Researchers at John Hopkins University and Utah State University found that this relationship may help Alzheimer’s patients retain some their brain function. Many retirement homes have health care on site or allow you to hire home health care.
  • Brain games and brain gym — They force your mind into activity. The best games for Alzheimer’s patients involve problem solving. Here, Sudoku and other brain puzzles are fantastic options!