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Manitoba Retirement Homes & Communities

Find the best retirement living  options in Manitoba

There are several excellent quality retirement communities and home care services Manitoba and Winnipeg, where you will find excellent health care, a variety of senior services and a vibrant, friendly atmosphere. Private retirement residences, like the Manitoba retiremetn communities you see profiled on, offer superior suites, ammenities and care. They are some of the very best retirement living choices in the province. 

The government of Manitoba also has a senior programs and funding available that you may qualify for.

Manitoba home care and personal care programs

The oldest and most comprehensive, province-wide, home care program in Canada is provided to all ages on a needs based on assessed needs. Whethere you are living at home or in a seniors retirement community in Manitboa, you may be eligable for subsidized or free home care services. 

Senior 55+ housing in Manitoba

Manitoba offers a limited number of seniors 55+ apartments in select locations of Winnipeg. These are designated for seniors looking for simple studio (single seniors) or 1-bedroom (couples) apartments. Please check your Manitoba Housing leasing office to see what may be available in your area.

How to choose a retirement community or home care service in Manitoba

1. Plan ahead 

Research all your retirement and care options, including retirement residences, before you really need care. Decisions are always easier when you have time, and when your family know what you want. It may be difficult, but ensure you discuss your retirement plan with your family.

Not sure how to talk to your parents about their retirement care needs? Watch The Talk on Comfort Life TV for expert advice and tips on how and when to talk to your parents.

2. Determine your needs and budget

Write down your needs and wants, and explore whether the retirement residence you are considering can meet them without exceeding your budget. By making a priority list, you'll be able to compare each option to easily pick the one that you'll be most happy at.

Read more about the costs of retiring in Manitoba. Or, if you're looking for specific budgeting and financial tips visit Easing Your Financial Stress

3. Narrow your search

Create a short list of retirement communities in Manitoba that might meet your requirements. The ones featured on the Comfort Life website have very good services and care, and you can email them all your questions directly from this website. 

Now it's time to visit each residence, and perhaps go back for a for a second look.  During your tour ask to see the kitchen and get a sample of the menus as well as the recreational activities offered at the retirement home and off-site. Don't be afraid to ask staff lots of questions, they are there to answer them for you. You should feed comfortable and confident  in your decision. Followign these steps, you'll be sure to find the best retiremetn community in Manitoba for your needs.

Download our free Retirement Tour Checklist for the must-read questions you should ask when touring a retirement community.

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