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Seven Best Places to Retire in Canada

Comfort Life presents seven of Canada’s top retirement cities and towns from coast to coast. Do you agree? What are your favourites?

Memories, moments, food

Divakar Raju is a chef … but he serves a lot more than food …     “If people are feeling hungry, they’ll put a piece of cheese between two piece of bread. When they come down, they want more than that. They want to have a social experience, to come down to talk at the […]

Why Getting Older is a Good Thing

Are older people really happier? The Revera Report on Happiness reveals that older people are much more positive about aging! Read more…

Living Life to the Fullest: How an Avid Cyclist Spends His Time

Cyclist Jack Hyatt’s inspiring daily routines prove that it’s never too late to accomplish your own fitness goals and live life to the fullest! Read more…

The Benefits of Eating Fish

Eating Fish

Is it okay to eat fish regularly or should you be concerned about the mercury risk? Get answers to these common questions. Read more…

Salt-Free Recipes for Autumn

Salt Free Recipes

Trying to cut down on your salt intake? It is easy to stick to your low sodium diet with these salt free recipes that are perfect for your next autumn outing. Read more…

Comfort Life’s New Ebook: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Handbook

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Handbook

Resources for adults, seniors and caregivers who are at risk, or living with someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Read more…

VIDEO: Living in the Present

The People Person

VIDEO: Joan Main is a pragmatist, this certainly helped her make the move to Amica in Vancouver when she decided that the best way to adjust was to live in the now. Read more…

Book Review: “Solace” by Walter St. John, Ed.D.

Book Review: "Solace"

“Solace: How Caregivers and Others Can Relate, Listen, and Respond Effectively to a Chronically Ill Person” by Walter St. John is an exceptional resource for caregivers of the chronically ill. Read more…

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

There are lots of benefits for seniors who take special interest courses including good mental and physical health, community involvement, having fun and learning new things. Read more…