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6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

There are lots of benefits for seniors who take special interest courses including good mental and physical health, community involvement, having fun and learning new things. Read more…

Book Review: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Take your own journey with Harold Fry. Enter to win your own copy of this wonderful book. Read more…

Bucket List Ideas: 17 Ideas That Might Change Your Life

Looking for some ideas to add to your bucket list? Here are 17 great, mostly unconventional, bucket list suggestions. Read more…

Giving to your community is good for your brain

VIDEO: Volunteering your time not only gives you a social life, it develops new pathways in your brain, improving memory and helping you live longer.

Cut hotel costs: Stay at a Holiday retirement residence!

Inge Chiruck loves to travel. She was born in Germany and frequently goes back to her native land but she also enjoys visiting other parts of the United States and Canada. Fortunately as a resident of a Holiday Retirement community she can take advantage of the community’s travel programme. “I think it’s just wonderful that […]

Blazing a trail for seniors’ fashion!

One of the best ways to speak out and get noticed—even if you’re in your 80s or 90s—is with your fashion choices. If you had style when you were younger, you still do; being older doesn’t change anything. No one knows that better than the women of Ari Seth Cohen’s upcoming documentary, “Advanced Style”.   […]

Seniors and Driving: 101-year-old woman drives 81-year-old car

Margaret Dunning of Plymouth, Michigan is this month’s “Seniors Speak Out” personality and our choice for poster girl of seniors’ driving. At 101-years-old she is twenty years older than her car—an 81-year-old Packard from 1930! Margaret changes the oil and the spark plugs and likes to get her friends involved when it’s polishing day. Watch […]

3 Ways to Stay Active and Warm This Winter

After one of the warmest summers in recent memory, the focus now shifts on ways for seniors to remain active throughout the winter months. It is important that seniors remain active throughout the entire year and not just when the weather outside is pleasant. Here are three ways that seniors across Ontario are braving the cold winter and staying active within their local communities.

The Wisdom of Waiting

n this blog, my advice on relationships is about to make me extremely unpopular by making the case for postponing physical intimacy. When desire is the expression of love is the best time to experience increasing degrees of intimacy. And love needs time and care in order to grow. Who here has had the experience of having an explosive first few weeks of a romance only to watch it flame out? Can we talk?

Palisades on the Glen: Origami ‘Peace Tree’

O-ri-ga-mi: the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes, derived from the word ori, meaning ‘folding’; and kami, meaning ‘paper’. 1,000 Cranes “You are never too old to adopt new traditions,” says Nicki Truman, resident at Palisades on the Glen Retirement Community in Mississauga. Nicki, along with a crafty group at the Palisades helped […]