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6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

6 Benefits of Interest Classes for Seniors

There are lots of benefits for seniors who take special interest courses including good mental and physical health, community involvement, having fun and learning new things. Read more…

VIDEO: The Importance of Active Living

Studies show that sedentary lives lead to obesity, diabetes and numerous other health problems as we age. On their own, these are all great reasons to keep active.

VIDEO: Video Games May Help Seniors Improve Balance

Lord of the Wii

VIDEO: Lloyd Kitchen has a fun way of staying active, bowling on the Wii with his fellow residents.

Top Six Cool-Down Stretches After Your Workout

Don’t forget cool-down stretches after exercise. They are a crucial part of any post-activity for a safe recovery. Here are six of the best.

Six Simple Exercises to Prepare You For Any Activity

Getting into a daily exercise routine can be hard but these six simple exercises can prepare you for any activity throughout the day.

Six dynamic warm-up exercises for summer activities

It’s time to get rid of all of that cozy couch time that seems to happen when it gets dark at 4 p.m. and it’s cold all the time. Spring is here. You are beginning to think of getting into your active zone again. It could be cycling, golfing, tennis, hiking, gardening, camping or simply […]

3 Ways to Stay Active and Warm This Winter

After one of the warmest summers in recent memory, the focus now shifts on ways for seniors to remain active throughout the winter months. It is important that seniors remain active throughout the entire year and not just when the weather outside is pleasant. Here are three ways that seniors across Ontario are braving the cold winter and staying active within their local communities.

Ontario Senior Games: The District Winter Games Begin!

After very successful OSGA District Summer Games with over 7,000 individuals participating, the Ontario Senior Games Association is shifting gears now on OSGA District Winter Games. District Winter Games are formally getting started with Kick off Events in Windsor-Essex (District 32) and Durham Region (District 13), this Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th respectively. […]

OSGA 55+ Regional Games: Enjoyed by 1200+ Ontario seniors!

Over the past few weeks throughout Ontario, the Ontario Senior Games Association and over 1200 participants have been fortunate to have had wonderful weather, friendly competitions and enjoyable social gatherings at all three OSGA 55+ District Regional Games. Here’s a quick re-cap: Hamilton, August 17th: Over 140 participants competed in the Golden Horseshoe Regional District […]

5 Of The Largest Growing Senior Recreational Activities In Ontario

Everyone is now well aware of the push by health advocators and the senior demographic to stay active throughout their retirement years . The question is though, what are the activities that are of interest to me personally? Here are 5 activities that are becoming the talk of seniors across Ontario