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Get Your RRSP Working for You

A recent survey found that 52 per cent of working Canadians under age 65 are scared they haven’t saved enough for a comfortable retirement.[1] With government debt and health care costs both rising, it’s very possible that many of us will need our Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) to provide a regular part of our […]

Are Impulse Buys Killing Your Retirement?

How Coffee, Muffins and Lunch Can Add Up to More Gold In Your Golden Years

5 Of The Largest Growing Senior Recreational Activities In Ontario

Everyone is now well aware of the push by health advocators and the senior demographic to stay active throughout their retirement years . The question is though, what are the activities that are of interest to me personally? Here are 5 activities that are becoming the talk of seniors across Ontario

Is Your Home Feeling Lonely?

It’s a question that many people are asking themselves…

First your children moved out, and when they did you may have converted those extra bedrooms into an exercise room, a craft room, the ultimate den or the perfect guest room; but how often do you really use them? Now you may be dealing with the loss of your spouse and those unused rooms are daily reminders that you are living in an empty house.

Breast Health: Is a Pink or Gray Barrier Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Ten years ago my then-72-year-old mom came to me for help and shared that she had spent years concealing a painful breast condition. Fortunately, she did not have breast cancer. Unfortunately, no equivalent pink-ribboned industry exists for education and funding for the non-cancerous breast conditions that she and many other women face. When we sat […]

How To Retire Early

You may dream about retiring early, but how do you know if it’s right for you? And how do you accomplish it financially? Here are some tips on how to achieve a successful early retirement.

What You Need to Know about Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance

What is long-term care insurance, and why is it important? Statistics tell us that:

– 75% of those over 65 will need a caregiver or facility services
– 40% of people who are under 65 are either on or will be using long-term care benefits for periods of time due to accidents or illness.
When we are younger, we think we are invincible.

Are You Currently Planning Your Kids’ Retirement?

Over the last few years, we have seen the market crash and burn, and Social Security is on its way toward doing the same. So, if we’re scrambling to salvage our retirement income, imagine what it will be like for your kids. If you haven’t done that already, one expert has some good news for you. Are You Currently Planning Your Kids’ Retirement?

The Cost Of Retiring

You know you need to save for your retirement, but how much money will you need to live comfortably after you retire? Here are five tips from Chartered Accountant Anne Chun, President of Anne Chun Professional Corporation in Toronto.

Comfort Life news roundup: Where should you spend your money?

What does it really cost to age in place at home? You might be surprised…Is critical illness insurance worth the cost? If you’ve got cash in the kitty after that, should you help your adult kids out financially? And how’s all this playing out for seniors across the pond in the UK? We also saw […]