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Long-term Care Homes BC

Long-term Care Homes BC

Recieve the care you need in British Columbia's nursing homes

Long-term (or continuing) care offers comfort to families and steady, committed care for British Columbia’s large and emerging senior population. These retirement homes provide you and your elderly loved ones, who are in extremely vulnerable states, with fantastic support. At such homes, seniors receive the precise medical attention that they need, while also interacting with other residents if they want to.

View Long-Term Care in BC

Long-Term Care in BC

Harmony Court Estate-7197 Canada Way,Burnaby,British Columbia,V5E 4A6

Harmony Court Estate

7197 Canada Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5E 4A6
A top retirement home in the heart of Burnaby, BC offering seniors ease-of-living thanks to friendly staff, a hair salon, numerous landscaped gardens and much more.

Modern long-term care homes are the result of continual improvement over the last few decades. Today’s homes often permit seniors to bring their own furniture or touches of home with them. They also cater to particular cultural or special diets, like vegetarianism, kosher and diabetics. These ameliorations make the transition from one’s own home to a retirement home (at which they must depend on others for help) much less stressful.

Public vs. Private Long Term Care

British Columbia is home to both public and private long-term care homes. If you choose to live in a public home, the province will pay a portion of your living expenses. However, you will be responsible for some of the costs. On the other hand, private long-term homes do not receive any provincial funding. But these homes typically offer more amenities than do public homes. Such luxuries might include: light housekeeping, movie theaters, concierges, and lounges.

When you are visiting a home, be sure to ask as many questions as you can possibly think of. Although long-term care can be expensive, ask residence staff about financial assistance that might be available.

Retirement in British Columbia

B.C. is also a great place in which to live. One of the most common benefits that residents of B.C.’s long-term care homes cite is that they get to live in the midst of amazing natural scenery. As such, this province is great for seniors who are interested in art therapy or simply enjoy relaxing and even therapeutic outdoor experiences. Vancouver retirement homes are world-class, and homes in Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island are also spectacular.

Tips for Choosing a BC Long Term Care Home

Here are a few things to consider before choosing a long-term care home.

  • Plan early! Do not wait for you or your loved one to desperately need long-term care. Explore your options, so that when the need arises, you will be prepared.
  • For family members of potential continuing care residents: Talk to your loved one before making any decisions. A lifestyle change that involves switching to depending on someone else is a really important and potentially emotional decision. You should talk to your family member when his or her mind is sharp to ensure that you understand his or her preferences.
  • Be thorough. Explore any possible long-term care retirement home options.
  • Long-term homes usually have many different styles of room. When you visit one of these facilities, you should ask to see all of these options.
  • Make sure you ask about any hidden costs, as many continuing care homes force you to pay more than the given flat monthly rate (i.e. meals).


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