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Active & Independent

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The average life expectancy in Canada is 78 for men and 81 for women and many Canadians will be retired for longer than they were employed. The key to a happy, healthy and successful retirement is maintaining a balance of physical, mental, social and spiritual connection with others. Healthy aging includes lifelong learning, fitness, travel and volunteering in the community.

Increasing Health

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Aging often brings illness, including 'chronic diseases' which have no cure and which cause persistent and recurring health consequences over a prolonged period. Some 82% of Canadians live with chronic disease. Most chronic diseases can be managed with medication and lifestyle adjustments, and seniors may live well for many years with conditions that would have been deadly for their grandparents.

Health Crisis

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A health crisis may occur suddenly for a senior, or as an expected result of a chronic illness. Its effect on the patient and family can be catastrophic. If the ill person has been filling the role of caregiver to a spouse or family member, the illness may create the need for a quick response from private, community and overnment-funded services.

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