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Alzheimer's Care Homes in British Columbia

BC homes provide exceptional Alzheimer's care

In British Columbia, Alzheimer’s homes provide 24 hour care through on-site certified nurses and/or on-call assistance. Over the past decade especially, Alzheimer’s research has vastly ameliorated treatment of this disease. In consequence, BC seniors homes now have fantastic resources to deal with Alzheimer’s.

While free or public Alzheimer’s care would be ideal, paying for specialized care is crucial in British Columbia. Indeed, public hospitals continue to face cutbacks and budget shortages. On the other hand, private, long-term care homes will give your loved one the most wide-ranging, frequent, and thorough care.

Benefits of Alzheimer’s Care

Here are some benefits of living in a B.C. Alzheimer’s seniors home.

  • Safety — A well-trained and dedicated staff will always be around. In some cases, especially those in which Alzheimer’s leads to wandering, knowing that this professional support will always be around should be really comforting.
  • Individualized Care — Specialized Alzheimer’s homes pay close attention to all patient that enters their facilities. As such, they do not merely provide some form of generic Alzheimer’s care. Your loved one will not just be a number. While there are, of course, some commonalities in its services, it tailors its care to individual cases of Alzheimer’s.
  • Mental stimulation — Your loved one will receive more mental stimulation than his or her own home could offer. Brain games or a brain gym are quite common at seniors homes.
  • Companionship — Even if your family member does not remember all or most social interactions, he or she will be around other residents and thus might avoid being lonely.
  • If your loved one is in an Alzheimer’s home, you need not worry about daily grunt tasks, like changing light bulbs or other forms of maintenance. Seniors homes reduce the stress in your life.


Brief Facts about Alzheimer’s

  • Short-term memory loss is one of the early indicators of Alzheimer’s. Nonetheless, long-term memory loss could take place over time.
  • Alzheimer’s is gender-neutral and relies neither on social factors nor personality.
  • While the rate at which one’s mind loses its capacities depends on the individual, memory loss is everlasting in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Read the latest news on Alzheimer's Disease.

Please be sure to check out the list below to find retirement homes with care for seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease in the province of British Columbia.

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