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Long-term Care Homes New Brunswick

Long-term Care Homes New Brunswick

Retire care-free in the "Picture Province" of NB 

New Brunswick's long term care residences are ideal for seniors who need comprehensive care and support. Living in a long-term care community is one of the best ways to make sure that you are in a safe environment where your needs are never neglected.

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New Brunswick Retirement Homes

Retirement Miramichi-473 Ironmen Road,Miramichi,New Brunswick,E1N 4A6

Retirement Miramichi

473 Ironmen Road, Miramichi, New Brunswick, E1N 4A6
This superb New Brunswick retirement community offers active adult living in a beautiful Maritime environment with numerous local activities for seniors and families.

Long-Term Care Home Regulation

According to the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS), the Department of Social Development "must approve all requests for services in nursing homes — even if you pay your own way." The Department will assess your eligibility based on whether your needs exceed what you, your family, and your community can offer you. If the Department decides that you need a long-term care residence, it will give your name to homes within 100 kilometers of your current municipality. When one of these communities has a vacancy, it will choose a name from the Department’s list. If there is not a vacancy in your desired home, you may need to choose another option, so you should have back-up plans. The province only allows one refusal. However, transferring is not difficult, so even if there is not space in the home that you initially want, you will probably have a chance to switch.

The PLEIS notes that you should expect the same rights in a long-term care community as you would anywhere else. But, you will also have such rights as "privacy, dignity and individuality." For instance, staff must knock before they enter your suite, you should have freedom of mobility (if safe), and you should be allowed to be as independent as is reasonably possible.

Paying for a Long-Term Care Home

New Brunswick long-term care homes can charge a maximum of $2890 per month ($95 daily). However, if you are unable to afford a retirement home, you may apply to the Department for a subsidy. This application requires a financial assessment.

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Why Choose a Long-Term Care Home

  • Safety and Security: You will receive care whenever you need it. Long-term care homes are always ready to respond to emergencies.
  • Knowing that a loved one is in a caring environment could be really comforting.
  • Retirement homes will give you plenty of chances to interact with other residents and to take part in community activities.


Retirement Living in New Brunswick

“The Picture Province” is an ideal location for seniors who enjoy nature. The Appalachian Mountains, Bay of Fundy, nine provincial parks, and many other nature sites will provide you with a relaxing and picturesque atmosphere. If you enjoy painting or just want to spend some time outside (perhaps on your balcony), then New Brunswick is a great province to live in.


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