10 Great Gifts for Seniors

My family and I buy each of our grandparents presents three times a year: on their birthdays, on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and on their wedding anniversaries. While there is not a universal formula for successful gift giving, there is one rule that you ought never to break. Always include a card!

10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Now, here are some of our success stories, as well as a few other interesting ideas:

  1. An iPod or mp3 Player: Load one of these devices with the senior’s favourite songs or those that are sentimentally valuable to the two of you. When I set up my grandfather’s iPod, I also recorded a personal message and added it to his music library. You might have to tutor the recipient about how to use this gift. If you fear that the senior will not adapt to the technology, make him or her a mix tape or CD.

  2. A Bobblehead Doll: Many photography or novelty companies make customizable bobbleheads. You only need to send them a picture of the receiver’s face and then decide what you want the doll to wear. My grandmother and grandfather are quite proud of the matching bobblehead dolls that sit on their desk.

  3. Golf Apparel or Equipment: Before purchasing this gift, you should try to find out about the senior’s preferences, as golfers are often quite picky. You could even bring him or her to the store with you.

  4. A Tablet Computer (i.e. iPad): These gadgets are really user-friendly and do not take up very much space.

  5. A Day at the Spa: Give the senior in your life the opportunity to relax and enjoy a day at the spa!

  6. Tickets: Send the recipient to an event that you know he or she will really like (i.e. sports game, opera, theater, ballet). To be sure that the senior is available at its scheduled time, you might wish to avoid giving this gift as a surprise.

  7. Customized Jigsaw Puzzle: Find a picture that will evoke memories in the receiver and transform it into a jigsaw puzzle. This present will accomplish two goals. First, it will be a wonderful tool of reminiscence. Second, it will keep the senior’s mind healthy and active. Numerous companies will assist you with this pursuit.

  8. Make a Video: If you are tech savvy, you could tell the story of a senior’s life through images and interviews with his or her friends.

  9. The Latest in Fashion: The most stylish jewelry, clothing, and accessories will help a senior look hip!

  10. A Scrapbook: Find as many meaningful photographs as you can and put them together in a scrapbook. The senior will probably appreciate all of the work and creativity that this gift will require.

* * * * *

What are your gift-giving ideas? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!


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