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Ajax retirement homes offer many services, depending on the health and requirement of the senior citizens. Nursing care is typically required by senior citizens who need long-term care, rehabilitation after surgery or care for severe medical conditions like a stroke. Retirement homes and communities in Whitby provide 24-hour nursing care along with additional facilities and services. Older adults who need round-the-clock care for a long duration or on a permanent basis can consider long-term care options. Licensed nurses are on call 24/7 for help with physical, occupational or speech therapy.


Retirement communities in Ajax

Parkland Ajax  

3 Rossland Road West, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z 0V1

Parkland Ajax offers independent and supportive options! Beautifully designed spacious suites, exceptional on site amenities and professional staff on site 24/7, Parkland is where you can live your best life!

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Assisted Living, Memory Care

The benefits of an Ajax retirement home

Ajax retirement homes offer a variety of services that will allow your loved one to enjoy retirement regardless of their care needs. They're geared towards their resident’s comfort. This means they feel an equal responsibility for their medical and recreational needs.

An Ajax retirement home will have amenities similar to a luxury hotel in addition to therapeutic and entertainment facilities. They encourage residents to relax by providing recreational equipment but more so by handling their medical concerns like organizing trips to the doctor, filling prescriptions, and maintaining an accessible environment. Many seniors speak fondly about the sense of community in their buildings.

Most retirement homes have a common meal area that doubles as a general recreation space or central hub were residents can get together for casual conversations or plan to meet their friends and families. Other shared spaces like gyms, spas, and shuttle busses force residents to interact with one another and build a sense of familiarity which gradually develops into friendship at Ajax retirement homes. More overt forms of “breaking the ice” are also evident. 

Retirement homes frequently organize social events and games though most of the relationships are built subtly through the retirement home’s inherently community focused design. Many seniors are initially reluctant to move into retirement homes but soon come to enjoy the friendships they make even more than the building’s amenities.         

Types of care available in Durham Region retirement homes

Assisted living retirement homes or facilities differ from independent living retirement homes in the level of care provided, and each community has it's own rules as to the level of care they are able to provide. A heavy-care assisted living community (or nursing home or long-term care home) offers the highest level of care outside of a hospital. Specialized retirement homes offer Alzheimer’s care, Dementia care and memory care. Rehabilitation services are provided in the retirement homes in Ajax and Whitby for patients who need more frequent, intensive treatment and/or therapy services.

Long-term care homes or nursing homes provide comfortable rooms, delicious meals, beautiful surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. The nurses are highly skilled in wound and ostomy care, intravenous therapy, palliative care, chronic disease management including diabetes and peritoneal dialysis. Seniors at Durhams region's care homes (Whitby, Ajax, Pickering) can be assured of the best of care, amenities and facilities. The present-day retirement homes have come a long way from the slightly depressing "nursing homes" that existed about a decade ago. The elderly in these retirement homes are given the best treatment to ensure quick recovery, excellent health and well-being.

The typical Ajax assisted living or long-term care retirement homes (commonly known as a nursing home) is able to provide even more advanced levels of medical care, with a standard of living comparable to most Durham region retirement homes. Nursing homes in Ajax and Whitby offer significant benefits to elderly patients in need of daily care. They are also a great help to patient’s families. Professional nursing staff are able to nurture aging patients in a way that most family members cannot. Beyond their advanced training, the staff at Ajax nursing homes are only focused on providing for your loved ones needs. In a typical situation family members caring for an aging loved one are forced to juggle a variety of concerns while providing high level elder care. Unfortunately the care giving stress on a family member looking after an aging relative can make them a less effective nurse despite their best intentions.   

Ajax and Whitby nursing homes eliminate that scenario. Though it is sometimes hard to admit, the standard of care in a specialized facility is going to be better than whatever they would receive at home. Even if you are able to afford state of the art nurses and medical equipment, the ability to socialize with peers in similar condition is a luxury only nursing homes can provide. Ajax nursing homes foster the city’s small town intimacy inside their facilities, creating tight knit communities full of cheerful residents whose every need is cared for.          

An Ajax nursing home will likely have a dedicated Alzheimer’s or memory care wing to directly address dementia symptoms. Dementia patients in Ajax nursing homes are not denied any of the luxury one could expect at Ajax’s retirement homes, only the amenities are administered to account for residents’ limitations. For example, a Ajax nursing home might not offer an aerobics class as intense as what is being taught at Ajax retirement homes, though the Ajax nursing home will absolutely provide guests with an engaging way to exercise, given their various conditions. Both Ajax retirement homes and Ajax nursing homes enjoy strong reputations throughout central Ontario.       

Moving to Ajax from out of the area

Ajax is located in the Durham Region in Southern Ontario, just 25 km east of Toronto on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The Town is bordered by the City of Pickering to the west and north, and the Town of Whitby to the east. Ajax has a population of about about 109,600. The southern portions of  Ajax are mostly urban and an economic hub whereas the northern part of the city is more rural with a cottage country feel. This town's chief assets is the fine natural harbors on Lake Ontario. Today, Ajax offers a wide variety of senior services.

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