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Senior homes in Regina elegantly anticipate and meet the needs of those who are retirement aged. A variety of communities here combine excellent care with well-appointed interiors. Find the best senior care communities in the city listed below. 

List of Regina senior care homes

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Wintergreene Estates

Wintergreene Estates

4950 Pasqua Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 7L2
At Wintergreene you'll discover a combination of independence, privacy, activities, health and wellness programs & friendly companionship to savour throughout your retirement.


Researching Regina personal care homes

There are a number of different types of retirement community options in Regina and the surrounding areas. Here's what you need to know as you look at your options:

Retirement homes today offer increasingly customer-centric care. They are moving away from rigid care models and tailoring their care much more to what you really need or really want. In the past, communities may have offered a strict assisted living model under which there were a large umbrella of care options, some of which you may not have needed but for which you were still paying. Today, care communities listen much more closely to the wishes and needs of seniors. So, for example, if you have a very specific physical ailment, communities will work toward customizing care services to meet your needs. If they are unable to provide the exact care you need, they may also offer the option of hiring home care. Traditional care level types, such as independent livingassisted living or long-term care still apply to Regina, of course, and these are good descriptors but in a much broader sense than you might assume.

Choosing among Regina senior care homes

There are many retirement options available in Regina, so choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Across our website there are resources at your disposal that help you research this decision most fully so that you can make the best choice when it comes time to commit to moving. These will help you determine exactly what your own retirement needs are, the types of services you're looking for, the level of care required, and which Regina community is right for you.

Consider these helpful resources:

Having the talk. This is the place to start, for families who are worried about resistance or hesitation from parents. Having the talk with mom or dad requires sensitivity, intelligence, composure, proper timing and more. How to talk about senior care includes a fine little instructional video that can help you think about some of these issues.

Hear about moving from other seniors. Seniors with trepidation about making the change will find reassurance in testimonials from their peers. So often, a move has been pleasantly surprising to seniors before you, and they have shared their stories for your benefit. Our page on retirement home testimonials pulls together brief anecdotes (with links to fuller stories) that detail how people have moved into retirement communities like those listed above, and found many different ways (the food, the community of people, the care staff, more) that living here has greatly improved their lives.  The great majority say that they would never go back to any other way of living.

Regina retirement home reviews gather together different perspectives on each community in the city of Regina. Follow up on each of the reviews linked to on that page and consider how perspectives and values implicit in any of the reviews match your own.

Once you have reached the point where you are touring different options, our retirement home checklist is an invaluable resource for seniors and adult children. The checklist has over 150 questions, things you might never think of on your own. By anticipating things that will concern you after you move and encouraging you to fully investigate those questions, the checklist will, in the end, give you the assurance you need that you are making the right choice. 

Worried about outliving your retirement savings? Download our free Reduce Your Financial Risk Tool for free financial tips and advice.

Retirement homes in Regina provide safety and security

Be assured that you are on the right path as you look for a personal care community in the city. Here's a very brief look at the advantages of this change in lifestyle:

  • Staff are trained to deal with medical emergencies and daily care requirements for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, long-term care needs, respite care and similar needs.
  • Retirement homes and seniors' communities offer unique opportunities to create new relationships by getting social and active in these senior-friendly communities, while balancing needs for privacy and independence.
  • A number of services and amenities are offered including transportation, light housekeeping, meals and access to medical and nursing staff.

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