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Listed below are retirement homes in Cornwall, Ontario, and the surrounding area. These communities being best-in-class senior living to the city of Cornwall. 

Retirement communities in Cornwall

Chartwell McConnell Retirement Residence  

801 4th Street East, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 7M8

Bilingual retirement community in Cornwall offering the social and supportive lifestyle you deserve.

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living

Senior living in Cornwall and area

Living alone in your own home seems like independence but is it? 

Here are a few questions to consider when it comes to freedom and independence: 

People move to a Cornwall senior living retirement home because it’s liberating for them. They find the new environment refreshing and rejuvenating. People find that life is “on a whole new level.” Many will say, “I didn’t know I could live this well” or “I didn’t know I could afford to live like this.” One Cornwall senior tells us: “I now live with some old friends from the past and I’ve made new friends by discovering connections with people here. This is the best move I ever made.” 

Retirement homes in Cornwall reconnect you with a larger world. They combine a comfortable atmosphere with a small-town feel. It creates a tight-knit community where people look out for each other and “everybody knows your name.” 

Staff is also a key part of the community in Cornwall senior living. They take care of all the housework and treat you like a member of their own family, giving you caring service. This can include medication administration, mobility support, and help with dressing. This also helps increase your independence.

There's so much more. Included in the superb seniors' care provided at homes here, you will find some or all of the following services:

   Learn much more about the benefits of senior living


Types of care available in Cornwall retirement homes

Here’s a look at some of the basic levels of care in a retirement home and how they differ from each other: 

Senior apartments in Cornwall

These are often reasonably priced compared to typical apartment rentals. You can use some retirement home services and amenities and participate in the community. If you want services like housekeeping or cooking, you may need to pay extra. 

Learn much more about senior apartments

Independent living in Cornwall

This is ideal for seniors who are tired of the following things: 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in how independent senior living improves your life. Move into a retirement home and you’ll find lots to do daily, friends around every corner, and an entire building custom-made for you. Meals are prepared by someone else. Someone else cleans your bedding. You’re catered to! 

And in some cases, if you need assistance with something, you can add that service. An increasing number of retirement homes offer independent living with support. 

Assisted living in Cornwall retirement homes 

When you need help with typical daily activities or require extra nursing care, assisted living for seniors is the right choice. Assisted living typically covers support for any of the following activities of daily living (ADLs):

Support staff in assisted living include personal service workers (PSWs) and perhaps even nurses who can help you daily. Learn more from communities. 

Retirement homes also offer higher levels of care. Learn more about the following:

How to research choosing, financing, and moving

Learn much more about the decision and moving process at the following links:

Find the right Cornwall retirement community using our Retirement Tour Checklist. This indispensable guidebook gives you all the right questions to ask communities.

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