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New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland (with Labrador) are all excellent places to retire, where the living is cheaper, the pace is slower, and the people are nicer. Below, we offer broader information for older people across Canada considering retiring here. 


New Brunswick Retirement homes

New Brunswick is home to over 750,000 people – many of them retirement age. Over 14% of New Brunswick is retirement age (14.4% to be exact), higher than the national average (figures from Stats Canada).

New Brunswick retirement homes in Woodstock, Fredericton and the rest of the province offer a plethora of services to make seniors' lives better, including state-of-the-art features like wellness programs, salons, fitness facilities, beautiful grounds and onsite amenties such as a variety store. You can also get assisted living services and other senior care you would expect from any retirement home.

Nova Scotia Retirement homes

Nova Scotia is home to nearly a million people. As with other Maritime provinces, it possesses a higher percentage of people of retirement age. Retirees from across Canada are attracted to the lower housing costs here as well as the moderate temperatures and beautiful scenery.

Approximately 14.75% of people are 65 or older, higher than the average in Ontario which is 13.8%, according to figures from Stats Canada.

Nova Scotia is a very desirable place to live, for its scenery, clean air and friendly people. If you already live in Nova Scotia, of coure, you know that, and you know that it is a great place to retire.

For those who are already residents of Nova Scotia or those considering settling into a retirement home in Nova Scotia, the following provides some useful links. If you are rushed into finding a retirement home in Nova Scotia you may find these helpful.

If you are consdering a renting a retirement home in Nova Scotia and this is a new experience for you, take a look at thisguide for tenants and landlords in Nova Scotia.

Get more information about living and retiring in Nova Scotia:

Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland are also home to many retirement homes although these provinces are more sparsely populated than the other two Maritimes provinces.

Independent living in the Maritimes

In independent living, you have control of your life, for you will still be responsible for the majority of your wants and needs. At the same time, however, your facility will offer many luxuries that you would not find in your own home. These may include personal laundry, recreational activities (such as shuffleboard) and on-site amenities like a hair salon. Moreover, you will live a protected life: your suite will have an emergency call bell or phone system (with a staff that can rapidly respond to your call) and your community will provide round-the-clock surveillance cameras and security. Simply put, you will live with peace of mind and freedom.

Types of independent living seniors homes in the Maritimes

Most independent living homes in the Maritimes are senior apartments in retirement buildings. But, you will also find retirement condos, subdivision communities, retirement rentals, single residences, and /mobile homes. The price of each facility (aside from the economic climate) depends on two factors:

  1. The quality of the home and its services/luxuries
  2. Location — Most notably, a home that is closer to the water is usually more expensive than one inland.

A brief glance at the benefits of senior living

Moving to Atlantic Canada from elsewhere in the country

The Maritimes Provinces —  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island —  are perfect for active seniors in independent living homes. In short, this region is wonderful for those who wish to explore the limitless expanses beyond their retirement homes. In the Maritimes, you will find many opportunities to explore. First and foremost, you could visit numerous nature sites, like Peggy’s Cove or the Bay of Fundy, drive the Cabot Trail, or take the ferry to Red Sands Shore in P.E.I. The Maritimes also has great hiking locations for those seniors who want to stay in good shape! Enjoying the outdoors in these three provinces is unusually pleasant, in the temperate Maritime climate.

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