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Peterborough is one of the most beautiful places to retire in Ontario. Find the best Peterborough retirement homes and senior care services below. Below the listings, there's more about senior living and programs for seniors in the city. 


Retirement communities in Peterborough

Applewood Retirement Residence  

1500 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J2A2

Applewood is a well-established, comfortable and warm retirement community nestled on 2 acres of landscaped gardens right in the heart of Peterborough; close enough to downtown, but far from the daily hustle and bustle.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living, Assisted Living

Peterborough: a worthwhile retirement destination

Retiring in Peterborough means spending your days in the Kawarthas on the banks of the Otonabee River. Retirement homes for Peterborough seniors range from long-term care and memory care homes to Peterborough independent living retirement homes. Peterborough has a cottage country mentality despite its many urban amenities, providing retirees with a relaxing atmosphere without sacrificing their comfort. As the largest city in the region, Peterborough’s is a popular destination for people from all over central Ontario, and offers very affordable retirement living choices (click here to see retirement costs in Ontario).

Its three major shopping centres, Peterborough Square, Portage Place, and Lansdowne Place are all frequented by retirees and tourists alike. Peterborough boats a variety of brand name retail stores, making it the envy of shoppers throughout the region as newly renovated Walmart, Costco, and Real Canadian Superstore locations help retirees maintain economical and independent lifestyles. Those looking to remain active during their retirement can take advantage of Peterborough’s many hiking trails, paddle sport centres, and bicycle paths. More artistically inclined retirees will undoubtedly enjoy the city’s renowned art gallery, world famous annual folk festival, and thriving underground comedy scene. Peterborough is also home to The Canadian Canoe Museum, Wild Water & Wheels Amusement Park which owns the world’s only operation auto sled roller coaster, and The Riverview Park & Zoo where over 40 different species are housed alongside a disc gold course and recreational park ground. Retirement in Peterborough offers residents the tranquillity of a country house with the luxury normally only available in a big city.       

Home care in Peterborough

Whenever a senior remains in their home while receiving outside support it can be considered a form of Peterborough home care. Agencies can coordinate visits from professional caregivers to assist elderly homeowners with general maintenance, hygiene, and whatever other tasks they struggle with. Peterborough home care, like many other major cities, offers shuttle services that provide transportation to seniors in a way that gives them more agency than a taxi without having to own a car or plan far in advance. There are also plenty of clubs and organizations that seniors living outside of Peterborough retirement communities visit regularly. These types of groups provide the social aspect of retirement homes that is sometimes overshadowed by medical concerns. 

Adult Day Programs in the city

Related to Peterborough home care, there are many adult day programs in the city that cater to senior’s medical concerns in a social environment. These adult day programs resemble summer camp only are designed to accommodate Alzheimer’s patients, those with non-dementia cognitive impairments, as well as the physically ill. These adult day programs provide therapeutic support in a relaxed environment that many seniors find invaluable. These adult day programs range in price and style. Some are arts and crafts or aerobic classes while others are more medical in nature, where free foot care is provided alongside a hot meal and company of likeminded peers. It is possible and in some cases very common for seniors to continue attending adult day programs after moving into a Peterborough retirement home.

Long-term care in Peterborough

Long-term care in Peterborough is any instance where a senior moves into a specialized care facility, normally a Peterborough retirement home. These long term care Peterborough facilities cover a broad spectrum of services. On the lower end are retirement communities primarily concerned with their guest’s comfort and recreation. Though every home values comfort, these institutions are less medical in nature and therefore cater to a healthier cliental. For example, Peterborough retirement communities are known to take advantage of the city’s bodies of water by organizing canoeing or other more athletic activities. They function like hotels where the guests do not plan on checking out after a week. Retirement communities promote a social environment where seniors frequently mingle with one another but are never forced to participate in activities that do not appeal to them. A typical retirement community will give retirees access to lounges, gyms, and entertainment centres. They have nursing personnel on site to address any health issues as well as housekeeping and kitchen staff to make senior’s lives easier.  A retirement community can be considered a kind of preventative medicine as keeping senior’s happy, fulfilled, and active can lead to better overall physical health. 

An overview of retirement home types

Peterborough Retirement homes can be seen as a step up from retirement communities in terms of ability to provide medical care. These facilities are certainly luxurious only that luxury manifests in different ways as guests needing more consistent health care may prefer an elaborate meal to an adventurous excursion. Peterborough retirement homes will have more involved nursing staff and in some cases a full time doctor on site. These institutions do a masterful job of integrating medical and hospitality services creating routines and protocols that provide guests with comfortable and stimulating days that still cater to their healthcare needs. Peterborough retirement homes are typically affiliated with other long term care Peterborough providers.

The most aggressive form of Peterborough long term care are homes dedicated to a specific illness or hospice care. Hospice care is for the severely ill and is therefore primarily concerned with alleviating discomfort or giving meaning and dignity in the last part of someone’s life. The most common type of specific care home are for Alzheimer’s or memory care. The behavioral symptoms of dementia are often best treated by specifically trained staff. Alzheimer’s care homes will take steps to prevent wandering, stimulate brain function, and reduce mood swings. The experienced staff at these types of Peterborough retirement homes are also valuable resources for family members dealing with a loved one’s illness. The Alzheimer’s care homes in Peterborough are typically run as extensions or separate wings at other more generally focused Peterborough retirement homes.

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