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Over the past decade, Alzheimer’s treatment and research has seen impressive improvements, but not much progress toward a cure. Because technology and innovation has advanced, Alzheimer’s care homes, including those listed below, now have better resources to deal with this disease than they have ever had. With 24-hour on-site staff, including nurses and doctors, these communities are often the best place for dementia sufferers. They also help patients and families deal with the physical and emotional aspects of the illness, with the goal of ensuring that patients live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, while adequately controlling and treating the symptoms of their disease.


Many memory care homes offer a specialized environment, designed specifically to help those with dementia. Some of these features are simply not available in any other environment and also make the move into a memory care community especially wise for families.

Some of the facilities and features offered in memory care homes are as follows:

Home care vs.
memory care homes

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For-profit memory care homes are often used by families as an important stepping stone during the period when they are on a waiting list for long term care homes. While patients are in the middle stages of the disease, they may be aware of (and appreciate) the care they are receiving from care staff and family, and may benefit from the therapies offered within the residence.

Alzheimer's sufferers in these facilities may also benefit from onsite amenities such as massage therapy, physiotherapy and personal care amenities including hair salons and exercise rooms.

Care homes offer the most up-to-date, professional care available to help your loved one get safely through each day.

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Alzheimer's awareness is a page we update annually with the latest news about the disease, including annual updates on reasons for hope. online caregiver support resource begun by Dave Kelso. When his mother, Betty, was dying of Alzheimer's, Dave found a dearth of online help for Alzheimer's caregivers; is now the go-to resource for "information, guidance, news, comfort, and advice" for Alzheimer's caregivers.
BrainXChange is a Canadian initiative "dedicated to improving quality of life and supports for persons with or at risk of having brain-health needs related to dementia, mental health and neurological conditions related to aging or have experienced brain health changes earlier in life that are now more complex with aging."
FirstLink helps newly diagnosed people with dementia get the help they need as soon as possible.
Gallogly, Ann Marie. Alzheimer’s – Dementia. AuthorHouse, 2015.

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