Inspiring Leaders

A new vision for retirement living in Canada

Vision, perspective, innovation. We talked to leaders behind the best retirement living and senior care communities in Canada, asking them to describe the roots of their vision, how they’ve seen the industry evolve, and what changes they foresee in the years ahead.

In our Inspiring Leaders Series, you’ll see industry thought leaders driven by a passion for excellence that’s manifest in Canada’s most innovative retirement communities. There are exciting new ideas about retirement living emerging that will find expression in vibrant communities across Canada in the next decade. Watch series highlights in the videos, and read or watch full interviews with Canada's retirement living thought leaders linked to below.


Five critical questions

Senior living has evolved significantly in the last ten years. Leading operators from across Canada know that’s just the beginning, as they continuously innovate the care, lifestyle, and amenities they offer. Along with other cultural and societal changes, the pandemic has only sharpened the industry’s focus on responsiveness, inspiring a reinvention of retirement living. Below, leaders highlight the evolution they’ve witnessed, what inspires them to reach higher, and changes they’re both launching now and anticipating through 2030.

What are the biggest trends in the retirement living sector?

How the industry has improved in the last 10 years, and what and who drives that change.

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What inspires you to consistently improve?

Look at the deeply personal motivations behind excellent retirement communities.

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What makes you unique?

How foresight into older Canadians' evolving needs is uniquely expressed in some of Canada's finest retirement communities.

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What innovations are coming to market?

Leading-edge developments and innovations that are currently launching or in development.

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What’s the future of retirement living?

How the retirement living industry will meet and exceed the needs and expectations of Canada's aging population.

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Canada’s retirement living thought leaders share their vision

We interviewed industry thought leaders in Canada on what the future of retirement lifestyle will look like. The visions they shared are ambitious, innovative, and inspiring. Individual interview highlights are available below.

Active Living Leaders     Senior Living Leaders

Tanya Snow

Director, Bria Communities

Tanya discusses how resident involvement, transparency, and neighbourhood integration are important to every Bria community.

Elaine Wood

Former vice president of operations, Delmanor Senior Living

Elaine explains how a culture of respect, compassion, commitment, integrity, and accountability informs operations every day.

Ernie Hee | Veronica Da Conceicao

Executive VP, Element Lifestyle | GM of OPAL

Element leaders offer an inside perspective on Canada's first inter-generational living community and how it changes senior living.

Karim Kassam

Co-founder, Optima Living

Karim articulates a deeply personal vision of how to create a home for seniors and how that's manifest in recent developments.

Louisa Flinn | Anna Louie

Senior VP Sales & Marketing | Marketing Manager, PARC

Louisa and Anna describe how this renowned leader retains a daily focus on innovation and creating singularly vibrant communities.

Angela Kelly

Director of operations, Estates of Niagara

Angela explains how freedom of choice is the basis of Estates of Niagara's ownership options, living arrangements, and proprietary technology.

Marie-Josee Lafontaine

Owner / Operator, Scarborough Retirement Residence

The owner of this boutique retirement home shares her vision for improved integration of public healthcare with the private sector.

Tony DiFruscio

President, Zest Communities

Tony discusses the primacy of a carefree lifestyle and how people find that in Hamilton, Ontario's sprawling St. Elizabeth Village.


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