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North Vancouver is home to a number of superb retirement homes that bring together all that makes senior living today extraordinary. Make the move, leave behind everything from grass-cutting to housecleaning, and join a community of people your own age. Retirement communities offer superb amenities, a daily schedule full of activities, and easy friendships with more people than you can count. Below, learn more about senior living in North Vancouver, and discover tools to help you make the best choice. 


Retirement communities in North Vancouver

Cedar Springs PARC  

3633 Mount Seymour Pkwy, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7H 0A9

Located near Mt. Seymour in Vancouver's North Shore, Cedar Springs PARC offers retirement living within a beautiful natural environment. 1- and 2-bedroom suites available.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living

Summerhill PARC  

135 West 15th Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7M 1R7

Summerhill PARC near the heart of Lonsdale and 15th Avenue in beautiful North Vancouver offers a highly social retirement community living experience. 1- and 2-bedroom suites available.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living

Features in North Vancouver retirement communities

Senior living communities today offer a wide selection of amenities and programs that make every day wonderful and new. Care is available, of course, if you need it, but the real benefit for both mental and physical health is the community of friends who will welcome you, and the active lifestyle. Features that are typical in retirement homes include any or all of the following:

Those are just some examples, and when you consult listings above you’ll find much more, of course. 

The benefits of moving to senior living in North Vancouver

The wonderful amenities listed above may not be on the radar for some seniors who don’t realize the possibilities. When people remain in the family home they have lived in for a long time, they get used to a routine. Those who are living alone fall into a trap of familiarity, even as their days are filled up with things they really needn’t be doing. Cooking meals for yourself, for example, is a dull task that’s more bothersome than healthy. Meals become simplified to things like soup or reheated meals. You could be eating so much better -- and having much more time for yourself -- in a retirement home. 

When people make the move, though, they never look back. At Comfort Life, we hear so often from people who wish they had made the move earlier. Why? 

For many who make the move, life is often better than they ever dreamed possible. Jeannine, for example, moved to a North Vancouver senior living community and says she hopes “to stay for ages.” She has her own space, she eats great food every day, and there’s “lots to do… this is home.” A fellow resident of hers, Dorothy, lists exercise classes, bingo, and the casino as her favourite things to do and exclaims,   “there’s no time to be lonely here!”  Before moving, she was alone in her own home and now realizes how bad it felt.  At a nearby community,  Cathy says that in her condo in West Vancouver, she could go “two or three days before [I’d] see anybody out in the hallway.” She was “sure there was a better way.” She was right, and she found it in a community listed above.  You can read more testimonials in the reviews link below.

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