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Medicine Hat is home to a number of superior retirement homes where seniors live in perfect comfort and families will discover relief and peace of mind at the care their loved ones receive. 


Retirement communities in Medicine Hat

The Wellington Retirement Residence  

1595 Southview Drive SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1B 0A1

As a premier Park Place multi-level care residence, The Wellington provides Independent and Supportive Living options for seniors seeking to maintain your independence while enjoying access and services to amenities.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living

River Ridge Seniors Village  

#4 River Ridge Dr. N.W., Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 8V1

A premier Park Place residence in the heart of Medicine Hat offering independent living, supportive living, and long term care options. With spectacular views and services, River Ridge is a warm place to call home.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-term care

Senior living in Medicine Hat

Many older people in Medicine Hat have lived in their family homes for a long time and become used to things, even while their neighbourhood changes and becomes younger. They may come to accept that there are less people around they can relate to, and resign themselves to daily chores like grocery shopping, grass cutting, cooking and cleaning. Familiarity casts a spell. 

However, when people move into a senior living community, they often wish they’d made the move earlier. Soon after moving into a spectacular community like those above, they’ve made new friends, love having everything done for them, and they never look back. “I didn’t realize I could afford to live this well,” some say. 

Retirement homes make this move easier, too. They can often connect you with senior moving services or downsizing services that make the move seamless. There are also Master ASA real estate agents who specialize in understanding the needs of 65 and older people. 

Kathy was one Medicine Hat family member who helped her mom move into a community listed above. She admits that “change seemed overwhelming” for her mom, but “staff went well above and beyond” to ease the transition for her mom. After only a few weeks, her mom came to love life in the community. And what’s more, communities listed above offer every level of care on the continuum. 

Types of senior care available

Whatever age or stage you are at, there are accommodations to suit you. Many seniors take pride in “taking things head on” and making their own move into a retirement home. Moving into independent senior living, they find they are never bored and there’s “always something to do.” They make new friends and love the ease of life in a building and community that’s built from the ground up, with people their age in mind. 

For others, as they age, little things start to go wrong, and increasing personal care needs can result in the need for a move to supportive living, where care is always available. When seniors move into supportive or assisted living, though, they find many benefits in addition to daily care for things like bathing, transferring or whatever “activity of daily living” has become difficult. You also benefit from communal living, the company of others. “I make new friends every day,” one senior says. There’s also the benefit of living in a new, up-to-date environment where everything is accessible, spacious, and built with older people’s needs in mind. For example, stairs become a thing of the past, a lovely daily boon for seniors with bad knees, hips or backs.

Finally, there are also Medicine Hat seniors’ homes that include memory care or long-term care in the same building as above care types. In these communities, care for those with dementia or other ailments is provided with expertise and experience. Care staff will have special training in understanding Alzheimer’s and its effects, such as memory loss or sundowning. These environments are created mindful of dementia needs. 

A typical situation where people truly benefit is the case of senior couples where one spouse requires daily care while the other, quite healthy, has been taken on the task of caregiving. This is never an ideal situation. When a couple like this moves into a continuing care community, the caregiving spouse will often find great relief at “having my life back,” and finding “so many good people around.” 

The benefits of moving to a Medicine Hat seniors' home

Too many people still carry preconceptions or biases against moving into “an old folks home.” If you only look around, you’ll see that life in many retirement communities is much better than life anywhere else because it’s ideally suited to who you are at this age. 

Family members whose loved ones have moved into one of the Medicine Hat care communities listed above say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is looked after, every day.  

When people look at the price of moving into a Medicine Hat senior living community, you need to take all those factors into account. Both seniors and family members will say “you can’t put a price on” all the ancillary advantages like the social life, the peace of mind, and the many other hidden benefits of Medicine Hat retirement homes. They go well beyond the list of features or amenities, many of which are very impressive in themselves.  

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