Jane Fonda: Fitness DVDs for 50+ crowd

Jane Fonda, who revolutionized home fitness videos back in the 80s, is back with new DVDs geared toward making fitness accessible and understandable to the 50-plus market. Jane is 72 and still active and in great shape, despite having had a hip replacement. She also admits to having had some cosmetic surgery along the way but with regard to looking after her body, you can tell she practices what she preaches.

The first video is geared to aerobic fitness through walking and has two levels of intensity. Jane explains the importance of having a strong cardio-vascular system based on new research. It's not just about losing the fat for looks anymore; it's about cutting the risk of having a heart attack or stroke and reducing the chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease.

The second video is geared toward muscle conditioning, core stability, balance, and flexibility. Again, this video has two levels of intensity and uses simple fitness aids like dumbbells, a chair, and body weight. Exercises are done sitting and standing. As with the first video, the message is geared toward the age appropriate functional benefits of exercise: reducing the chance of falling and being able to do the activities of daily living rather than having "buns of steel", which was more her message 30 years ago.

Jane not only explains how to do each exercise safely and effectively but explains why they are important. Based on the trailers, I'd say these videos will be a hit and with a timed release at the start of the Holiday shopping season, there'll be many of them slipped in a Christmas stocking or sitting under the tree!

This article was written by Chris Moffett, Certified Personal Trainer and Older Adult Fitness Specialist

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