Best places to retire in Canada

Where are the best places to retire in Canada? Well, the answer to this question really depends on your definition of what constitutes a “great place” to live. According to Mark Brown of MoneySense1, a city with great access to health care, decent weather and a low crime rate is a good start.

Best places to retire in Canada

Based on these factors, Brown says the top 10 places to retire in Canada, in 2014 are:

However, for seniors on a budget, cost might be a factor. In 2012, MoneySense ranked Prince Edward Island as one of the 11 least expensive places in the world to retire.

According to the Globe and Mail2, looking to move to a less-expensive home in a community that also offers a warm climate and good quality of life, Canadians 55 and older are migrating “from cities to smaller communities”.  Accordingly, the following Canadian cities are considered excellent choices:

Although these retirement-friendly cities offer great amenities, climates and affordability for Canada’s zoomers and baby boomers, many prefer to remain close to their children, family and friends. When asked what they liked in particular about Seasons Strathroy, residents Bev and Ross said “the locality. We are from Delaware, so we wanted to be close to our church and our friends.”

Indeed, George Macavey’s goal was to find a community that would meet his needs to be near his family, and have an active, home-like atmosphere. Tapestry at Westbrook Village fit his requirements, including location. “George fits the bill for an ideal resident: he has ties to the area and loves to have fun,” says Alison Howard, general manager at Tapestry.

For some, an ideal retirement location may offer an affordable lifestyle, a warm climate, a vibrant cultural scene, accessible amenities, or simply the familiarity and comfort of living near family. For this reason, perhaps the best place to retire in Canada is simply any small town that feels like home.


1 Brown, Mark. “Top 10 Places to Retire”.  MoneySense. March 12, 2014. Online.

2 “Want to retire in Canada? Here are seven surprisingly warm spots.” The Globe and Mail [Toronto] February 10, 2014. Online.

Written by Kimberley Fowler

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