Can the Cardio

To speed-up fat loss and rev your metabolism (for ultimate fat burning), forget long and boring cardio sessions that last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

You can get far more effective results with short-burst, high-intensity cardio intervals that take only 15 to 20 minutes. You will burn up to 8 times more calories than if you were to do 60 minutes of long cardio on the treadmill.

Why? The shorter and more intense your cardio session is, the more overall calories you will burn and the more fat-burning muscle you will preserve. You will achieve a leaner healthier body in less time than you think.

So, what are cardio intervals?

Is a treadmill essential for cardio intervals?

Absolutely not. You can use your own bodyweight and do things like running on the spot, fast walking, jumping jacks, skipping, bodyweight squats, bodyweight lunges, etc.

Some examples of cardio intervals include:

  1. Run on the spot for 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds of slow running or walking.

  2. Do 60 seconds of bodyweight squats followed by 60 seconds slow walking.

  1. Do bodyweight lunges for 45 seconds followed by slow walking for 75 seconds.

The key to an effective cardio interval is that you need to be “gassed” at the end of the hard part and recovered enough at the end of the easy part to repeat the hard part once again.

For more fat loss and heart health, be sure to compliment all of your resistance-training sessions with short-burst cardio intervals.

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COMING UP: Next week’s blog will begin a series on Healthy Living and how it can specifically lead you to a healthy, active life.

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