Downsizing – 5 Steps To Stay In Control

Thinking about downsizing? Do you fear that someone will rush you through the process or take the decision making process out of your hands?  You’re not alone.

You’re about to make some very important choices about your future and you should always be in control of your own transactions.  So how do you stay in the driver’s seat and remain in control of your transition?

Being in control means having all available information BEFORE you start the decision making process.  When you know all about your options, you can decide what’s best for you. Your choices will not be dictated by services providers, family members for circumstances beyond your control.

Here are some tips to help you stay in control every step of the way;

  1. Set clear goals and timelines, and then tell everyone you’re working with. Make sure everyone knows what you want and what your expectations are from the beginning.

  2. Never work with anyone who pushes, doesn’t listen, or won’t take your feelings into consideration. This includes family members.

  3. It’s ok to say, ‘No!’ Transitions can be emotional for everyone involved, but you should never feel pressured to make a decision based on someone else’s emotions.

  4. Think long term. Make decisions that will benefit you now as well as in the future.

  5. Find a resource you trust to provide you with information. If they also offer transition solutions, you can count on them for both advice and assistance.

When it’s finally time to move remember that you make the decisions, you choose where and how you want to move, and you set the timelines. This will put you in the best position to enjoy a smooth, stress reduced transition and move on with confidence.

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