Earth Day: Nine Easy Ways to Go Green

Do you have plans for Earth Day this Sunday? There are many ways to go green and do your part for the environment. The trick is to make it easy so that you're more likely to do it and to start small and just do more as you go along.

Remember that doing even a few things does help the environment, helps preserve it for your grandkids and even saves you money.

Here are nine easy ways to go green:

  1. Put small recycle bins in several areas of your house so you're more likely to recycle. Anything can work even a cardboard box.

  2. If planting a tree isn't practical plant a small bush or some flowers. They all help clean the air. Buy kinds that need as little watering as possible.

  3. Try to eat less red meat; even one less meat meal per week is a start. The amount of land needed to raise cattle could be better used to grow crops that would feed more people. And, by eating less meat you are giving your body a break by ingesting fewer steroids and other chemicals.

  4. Buy in bulk wherever possible to save on packaging.

  5. Swap out your plastic food containers for glass with glass lids instead of plastic.

  6. Consider using colourful cloth napkins instead of paper ones; they're cheaper and the colour helps hidestains.

  7. Go through your closets regularly and gather unused clothing to give to shelters.

  8. Wash clothes in cold water (as much as 85% of the cost of washing your clothes comes from heating the water) and hang them up as often as you can instead of using the dryer.

  9. Consider buying used furniture from garage sales and auctions. Try to find pieces made of wood instead of particleboard to improve air quality in your home.

Do what you can for Earth Day 2012  and don't forget to enjoy the day!


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What do you do to go green? Share your tips with other by adding a comment below.

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