Downsizing Tips: Five Reasons to Consider a Yard Sale When Downsizing

There comes a time, after the kids have grown and are out on their own, when the family home has become too big for just two. While the sensible move is into a smaller house or a condo, the thought of downsizing can become overwhelming.

What do you do with a lifetime of memories and accumulated possessions?

A survey of 1,500 Canadians released by eBay Canada in 2010 found that 39 percent of parents planned to downsize as soon as their kids flew the coop. So, how does this group get their act in gear and their home ready for resale?

One idea is to hold a Yard Sale.

Below are five tips to help you get organized and help with the downsizing:

  1. An early start: It takes a long time to downsize but by beginning the process early, you'll be less worried about what you're losing when it comes time to make the move. Whether you're thinking about moving in the near (or distant) future, there's no time like the present to take stock of everything you've accumulated over the years and clean out the clutter.

  2. Call a family meeting: Consult with family members before getting rid of anything that could hold sentimental value. Remember, what might seem old or insignificant to you could be meaningful to someone else in your life and vice versa.

  3. Gather the goods: As you go from room to room with a box or laundry basket, select items for your yard sale and store them in a room in your home where they won’t be in the way, or the garage. In between now and the day of your sale, keep adding items as you are cleaning or picking up the house. This strategy will accumulate your items with little effort.

  4. Pitch it, keep it or sell it: Schedule two or three hours out of your day to start sorting through the things you have accumulated. Have three boxes ready to receive items —one marked “pitch it”, another “keep it” and a third marked “sell it”. Throw anything that is broken or has missing parts into the pitch it box. Toys, furniture and small kitchen appliances in working order are great items for a yard sale, put them in the “sell it” box.

  5. Plan a yard sale: Hosting a yard sale is a great way to find new homes for your treasures and to also make a little extra money. Why not invite the grandchildren to help sell or hold a lemonaide stand. And also consider donating some of the proceeds to Yard Sale for the Cure. You and your family can take pride in knowing that the money you raise will help support breast cancer research, health promotion, advocacy, and education and awareness programs. In doing so, you’ll be helping to create a future without breast cancer!

Written by Amber Cordeiro at Impressions PR

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Do you have tips for hosting a yard sale or downsizing? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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