How Crime Stoppers App Aims for a Safer Toronto

Thanks to the new Toronto Crime Stoppers App, helping to fight crime and create a safer city is easier and more efficient than ever!

In the fight against crime in Toronto, the saying "knowledge is power" holds water. Whether staying educated about crimes in your community or providing tips on suspects to local police, the Toronto Crime Stoppers App gives power to knowledge.

The app is intended to make Toronto streets safer and does so with multiple features that update and empower Toronto bystanders:

crime stoppers app


However, the core purpose of the app is to submit tips to the police in a variety of different ways. The app is the first of its kind and uses multimedia, such as picture and video tips, to track down criminals. This method provides a more efficient and convenient way to report crime, unlike using the hotline or tedious online forms. When submitting a tip, in any form, you receive a unique PIN which helps you track its status.  The app also promises to keep the identity of any tip contributor protected, so no contact information is collected, and tips remain completely anonymous.

Toronto Crime Stoppers is a free way to do your part in making your community a safer place. The application available for both Apple and Android products and provides a user-friendly interface, making reporting crime and suspects easier for citizens, and in turn, keeping Toronto safe.

Written by Sonja Schweiger. Sonja is a RAP student at Cawthra Park Secondary and a contributor to the Comfort Life blog. She enjoys all forms of writing, whether creative or informative.

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Have you tried the Toronto Crime Stoppers App? What did you think? Do you find these apps help combat crime? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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