Jobs for Seniors: Seven Employment Positions and Tips

There is a misconception that senior citizens do not work but quite a few have second careers or part-time jobs. There are many wonderful opportunities for mature adults to keep busy with meaningful, paying work while still enjoying a relaxing lifestyle.

Work need not be a huge burden on your life; it can present a rewarding opportunity to put your skills to good use. We may call some of these chances for work “post-retirement jobs,” as they will offer you the freedom and flexibility that a normal work life would not.

In no particular order, here are seven great jobs for seniors:

1. Consulting—If you have recently retired, many people who are still working in your field would probably love your advice. Your wealth of experience makes you extremely valuable. Some seniors sell their consulting services to the company that they just left.

2. Adjunct Professor or Teacher—Those in this profession may teach one or two classes per semester.

3. Library assistant or Librarian—In one of these positions, you could probably have a large say in the hours that you work. While some libraries only hire people who have a master’s degree, there are still plenty of facilities, particularly in primary schools, that do not require you to have that much training. Helping young kids find books or learn to read can be really satisfying.

4. Author—Write a book. Memoirs are a really good option. If you enjoy writing or have had a particularly interesting life (arguably, everyone’s life is interesting in some unique way), then you may finally have the time to sit down and work on a book.

5. Travel Industry—Does your hometown attract a lot of tourists? Does it have any museums? If you are really knowledgeable in a certain field, you may now have the opportunity to share all that you know in a tour guide or even a concierge position. Similarly, if you are well-traveled, you may wish to become a travel agent.

6. Dog Walker—If you love animals, particularly dogs, this job would be your chance to be around them whenever you want. You would also be able to work for yourself!

7. Usher—You can be an usher for a sports team, a theater, or any other spectator facility. You can earn some money while enjoying a performance.

* * * * *

Do any of these jobs appeal to you? If so, which one would do you like best? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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