Are You Retired And Ready To Downsize?

Wondering when is the best time to sell your house? The answer is NOW!

So now you’re retired and your house is too large for your needs; with no more kids at home who needs all those bedrooms and bathrooms? Besides, this can tempt them to move in again and aren’t thing much quieter and peaceful with them happily on their own? When you consider downsizing either due to retirement, a desire to have less household responsibilities or to enjoy a new lifestyle in a retirement community you wonder about what the real estate market is doing and when is the best time to sell your home.
The answer is simple: If you’re making a major life transition, the market is always good and your home is always saleable.

When you choose to downsize, you are making a lifestyle decision. Your health, happiness and well being, as well as living in the most suitable home for your needs are your top priorities. Getting a specific price for your home should no longer be the main motivation for your move.

While everyone should be happy with the sale price of their home, holding out indefinitely for a certain price or trying to ‘wait out the market’ can do more harm than good. You can miss important chances or fail to enjoy your retirement all together.

Some people have waited so long for a specific price that their downsizing plan was no longer viable. Either their chosen retirement community no longer had rooms available, or their health had deteriorated to the point where they needed more care tan their original destination could offer. Don’t let your retirement dreams pass you by because you’ve got a magic number in mind. Take all offers seriously and weigh them against desired plans, will they allow you to achieve your goals, if so they’re good offers even if they fall short of your ideal price.

When you’re ready to make a move, find a partner who will get you where you need to go. Your best ally is a good realtor who specializes in working with seniors. Not only can they get a desirable price for your home, they can do it on your timeline and ensure that you make the most of your transition. With strong support and clear goals, any time is the right time to sell.

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