Safe Senior Travelling Tips

Safe Senior Travel Tips

Travelling in our senior years can be interesting and fun, while enriching our lives with new experiences.

Often we hear seniors say “I don’t travel anymore, now I need some help getting around”. Don’t let minor disabilities and special needs deter you from travelling. Most places can meet your needs, and are accommodating. Whether you need oxygen, a walker, a wheelchair or assistance from another person, travel can continue to be something enjoyable with a little extra planning. 

When planning to travel call or research on-line, hotels or bed and breakfasts that may meet your needs.  Ask for rooms closer on the ground floor, if distance walking or stairs are a concern.  Inquire whether they have wheelchair accessible rooms, and whether there is staff available to transport luggage to your room. 

Ensure medications, medical supplies, personal identification and health card are traveling with you, and take an extra weeks supply or a prescription, in the event of lost medications or travel delays.
Traveling with Oxygen may mean bringing an additional container or investigating where Oxygen may be obtained on route.

If you require a wheelchair and don’t want to bring your own, find out where you can rent one for the duration of the trip, or if the hotel has any available to rent.

Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes. Pack an umbrella, hat and sunglasses for the hazy hot days of summer, and always have a charged cell phone with you for emergencies.

Enjoy your trip, take many pictures, and create memories to last a lifetime.


A visit, a lunch and a personalized tour are all great ways to experience Harbour Hill.  Even better, take advantage of a trial stay to truly experience the ambiance of community living.   Enjoy the events of the day and take advantage of daily outings on the Harbour Hill bus. 

Harbour Hill Retirement Community offers independent, enhanced, respite and convalescent stays.  We provide complimentary consultations, home visits and personalized orientations.

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