More Scams That Target Seniors

Previously, we looked at some popular and very contemporary scams that target seniors. Sadly, new scams are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Here we take a look at a selection of perhaps more well-known scams that target seniors.

Other scams that target seniors include the following:

You should be sure your parents understand that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is and if someone really needs help there are authorities who are better suited to help them.

The number of possible scams is really overwhelming. Actual examples of seniors scams might make you a bit sad about the state of the world.

Earlier this year an Indiana woman whose husband had just died answered the door to a man who claimed to represent Visa. He asked her for her husband's credit card telling her it belonged to Visa and the confused, distraught woman handed it over to a con artist who promptly went on a multi-thousand dollar shopping spree. The police officer involved says, "Criminals like that don't really care. They just want cash and whoever they hurt – whether it be the elderly, the young or in between – they don't care."

Sad, indeed, but true, also. There are ways to arm your parents against scammers. We'll look at those coming up soon.

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