Seniors and Sexuality: Enjoying Intimacy and a Healthy Lifestyle, Part Two

If you've recently begun dating and are thinking about becoming sexually active, you should discuss sexual health and safe sex practices with your partner(s). You should never feel pressured to engage in sex if you're not ready.

Get tested for STIs and HIV

When you do decide to initiate physical intimacy, you need to be cautious about protecting your sexual health. If you're sexually active, speak to your partner about your concerns that both of you get tested for certain sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

It may be an uncomfortable subject to discuss, but remember; ultimately it's you that must make informed decisions about your own health.

Your doctor may not test you for STIs

Some healthcare providers assume that their older patients are not sexually active. This is the reason why they may not routinely test older patients for STIs, ask questions about patients' sexual practices or history, or pry into their private lives.

Don't wait for your doctor to start the discussion

Don't wait for your physician to talk to you about sexual health. If your doctor doesn't ask, you have to break the silence. You and your doctor need to have a frank and open conversation about your sexual health and assessing your level of risk.

Sexual intimacy brings physical and emotional pleasure, increases feelings of self esteem, and heightens feelings of closeness in partners.

Age is no barrier against sexually transmitted infections

Knowing that your sexual health and that of your partner is a priority, will only serve to strengthen your relationship.

Everyone, regardless of age, has the right to sexual expression and pleasure, the right to information on how to protect their sexual health and the responsibility to make informed health decisions. Age is no barrier against sexually transmitted infections.

Enjoy life and intimacy, but be sexually responsible.

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This material is designed for information purposes only. It should not be used in place of medical advice, instruction and/or treatment. If you have specific questions, please consult your doctor or appropriate health care professional.

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The information contained is for informational purposes only and should not to be taken in place of medical consultation. If you have concerns, you should seek professional medical attention.

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