Spiritual Intimacy: The Mystery that is Love

It’s time for a slight detour from my advice on relationships on the 5 Stages of Dating to something a bit different. In my blog on the Wisdom of Waiting, we talked about the four levels of intimacy.

They are:

Physical – creating desire and arousal
Emotional – creating affection, caring and trust
Mental – creating interest and receptivity
Spiritual – opening our hearts, creating appreciation, respect; overcoming judgements and doubt

If you wish to attract, build and maintain a loving and lasting relationship, your soul comes into it. For this reason, I’d like to blog on something lovers don’t think about enough: Spiritual Intimacy.

My go-to for all things soulful is the awesome (literally!) author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson. Her writing on the mystical power of intimate relationships is an important discussion of how to apply spiritual principles to romance. Beyond the mortal mind is the realm of spirit, with a different story to tell from the drama that we call falling in love. There are many principles, or truths, that we need to bring to our relationships.

Let’s start with a short list:

Avoid the temptation to judge and find fault in your loved one.
Love is based more on real acceptance than on just putting up with your partner. Having an open heart to him or her means accepting their limitations. It is not your job to change a loved one. Your hands are full just changing yourself.

Learn to live in the moment
It is the only time that you have. One of my good friends has weathered the storm of being widowed twice. He speaks of his late wives with affection and tells stories of so much laughter, joy, and living it up in the moment. He supported both women through difficult medical interventions and treatment. His remarkable ability to heal is related to having few regrets.

We right the wrongs of the past through right, compassionate living in the present
We get a second chance to do better in our lives. If your partner has left, then you will have the opportunity to learn the lessons offered from the school of relationships and put that learning into practice with someone else.

Respect the mystery that brings us together
I often hear of miraculous meetings. The high school boyfriend who calls out of the blue; the chance meeting on the steps of the art gallery; the car salesman who marries his customer. Take a closer look at who has been sent to you.

My best advice on relationships on the subject of spiritual intimacy is to look beyond your every day experience to what your heart knows to be true.

From my advice on relationships to you …


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What is your experience with spiritual intimacy in dating? Share your insights in a comment below.

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