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For decades experts and gurus have been telling us to 'Live in the now, be present.' But what does that actually mean? Because technically we already live in the now. It's hard not to when time machines haven't been invented yet. There is no DeLorean that can take us back along the road of past mistakes or decisions – made with the best intentions – gone wrong. It would be nice, but also, a Universal Pictures movie.

(Watch: Joan Main as she navigates in the now.)

Joan Main has a more straight forward approach to living in the present. "You can't dwell in the past. The past is over," she says. For her, it's as simple as the act of decision. The world is created by what we believe. So if you believe life sits on your shoulder waiting for direction, then being present is as easy as taking a step out your front door. But for most of us, decisions are much like rain drops on a window pane. Well formed to begin with, but as they slip past, their shape becomes distorted until they no longer resemble a rain drop.

The People Person

How then do we choose to live in the now? Make the decision and stick by it? Perhaps like Joan, it comes from practice. Taking a pragmatic approach and tackling the present as if it were a linebacker blocking your way to the end zone. "You are now in the present and if you keep that in mind, I think that's what makes people happy."

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