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Senior Living in Brighton

Many seniors who move into retirement living wish they decided to make the move earlier. It can be a tough decision at first, and many feel reluctant to make the move, feeling as though you're giving up freedom. Once they make the move, they realize all the freedoms they in fact gain in a retirement home.

One of these benefits is togetherness. When you move out of your own home, you may feel like you're saying goodbye to memories. In a new community you make many new ones with like-minded peers who are eager to invite you in. Residents in a Brighton retirement home enjoy each other’s company.

Communities plan many events, like trail walks, or wine tours through nearby Prince Edward County. Brighton is a relatively small town, making it easy to find things in common with others. For one thing, you'll never be bored or lonely, even in the gray of winter.

One resident, Fran, attests that “Everybody looks after everybody else here. We had a lot of bad days [in the county] this past winter, where you can’t get out of your house because the snow is piled too deep. Here, you just open the door and it’s beautiful. There’s always lots going on, too.”

Seniors typically find travelling difficult as they age. For many, their memories of past resort stays are revitalized in retirement living. Communities are designed and decorated so exquisitely, you'll feel like you're in a resort 24/7! One resident of a Brighton retirement home, Nancy, says, “The whole place is like a cruise ship. We feel like we're on holiday every day.” Couple that with the incredible community of outgoing folks, and it's like a year-long vacation

Another aspect of retirement living that feels like vacation is the best-in-class dining options. Retirement living allows you to leave the cooking to the professionals. Take it from Barbara, another happy resident of a Brighton retirement home: "I love that I don't have to cook. Your dinner is included here ... I just come down here [to the atrium] from 5-7 p.m. and it's fabulous with all kinds of choices.

There are many benefits to retirement living. From social events, and in-house hair salons, to an inspiring community in a beautiful location, you'll feel fulfilled and joyful after making the move. Anxiety and indecision about moving into a retirement home are normal. Staff are always pleased to answer questions.

Types of senior care in Brighton

Different retirement homes offer different levels of care. You may choose one residence over another based on your specific needs. Brighton offers two types of retirement living: active adult living and independent living. Here’s a quick look at these options

Active adult living in Brighton area

Active adult living is designed for adults 55+ who have an active lifestyle. These folks are typically able to move about on their own and take care of themselves. Many choose to move into this type of residence for the community aspect, and so they are able to take some daily chores off their plate, such as cooking and yard work. These communities typically offer one and two-bedroom apartments. Most come with a full kitchen but provide a meal plan option.

Independent living in Brighton

Independent living retirement homes are ideal for cognitively and physically healthy folks. This lifestyle allows seniors to live independently but makes their lives easier by taking care of cooking and housekeeping. Other care services like mobility support may be added as needed. Of course, the social aspect is a huge draw for most people. With others looking after your daily chores for you, you have more time for community events, and to pursue your hobbies and interests.

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