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Family caregiving is a growing trend in Canada, as families try to avoid health care costs and keep loved ones close to home. Here is a look at caregiving in Canada, the costs associated, and the effects on families, particularly relating to caring for elderly loved ones. 

Adult children caring for mom or dad

  • In 2012, 39% of Canada's 8 million family caregivers were caring for their mother or father.
  • 70% of Canadian adults 43 to 63 have at least one living parent. One third (33%) of Canadians with parents 65 or older say their parents rely on them regularly for some kind of assistance.1
  • 62% of Canadians with a parent 65 or older have not had a conversation about how to manage their parents' financial affairs in case they aren't able to do so on their own.1
  • 56% of in-home caregivers are women. Women account for 58% of caregivers in the age range 65-74. Women account for 65% of the caregivers who are 75 and older. 

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Stats you need to know

Ontario caregivers of elderly relatives with dementia can get financial support for 90 days of respite care per year.

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Broader societal statistics

  • 2,868,000 Canadians are receiving caregiving at home (as of 2017).
  • Approximately 612,850 seniors received care at home, in Canada (in 2017).
  • Only 9% of home care recipients identify aging needs as reasons for getting care at home (although related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer are also identified as reasons).


The infographics

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Percentage caring for parents

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Caregiving in Canada: the costs

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Canadian adults contributing to parents' care

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56% of family caregivers are women

  • 58% of caregivers who are aged 65 to 74 are women.
  • 65% of caregivers 75 and older are women. 

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8% of all Canadians receive some form of care at home

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9% of home care recipients identify aging needs as reasons for getting care

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Sources and further reading

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